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Entries by David Isenberg from 06/2010

How Shall We Understand PMC? Let Us Count the Transaction Cost Dynamic Ways

| Posted 06.01.2010 | Business

With all due respect to 19th century poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning let's paraphrase her famous Sonnet 43 and ask the question, how shall we understa...

Are Private Contractors the Vulnerable Underbelly of the Intelligence Community?

| Posted 06.02.2010 | Business

We hear so much about the use of private military and security contractors by the Defense and State departments that it is easy to forget that outsour...

KBR's Unauthorized Deaths

| Posted 06.03.2010 | Politics

More than 30 of KBR's other subcontractors used private armed security in Iraq without required authorization.

KBR Is Still Asking For It

| Posted 06.07.2010 | Business

Back in February I wrote about KBR's atrocious conduct regarding the case of Jamie Leigh Jones, the then 20-year old former KBR/Halliburton worker, wh...

CNAS on Contracting

| Posted 06.08.2010 | Business

Yesterday the Washington, D.C.-based Center for a New American Security released a report "Contracting in Conflicts: The Path to Reform" on the use of...

A Blackwater by Any Other Name Is Still a Blackwater

| Posted 06.09.2010 | Business

The AP has reported that Xe Services -- formerly known as Blackwater -- is being put up for sale. This tempts me to modify the old cliché: when the going gets tough, the tough sell out. Of course, I don't really believe that.

Nothing Is too Good for Our Boys: Yeah, Right!

| Posted 06.10.2010 | Politics

After decades of observation since my four years in the U.S. Navy I believe that while most people are happy to talk about the sacrifices of military personnel it is, in the end, mostly talk.

The Constitutionally Compatible PMC

| Posted 06.10.2010 | Business

In the nearly two decades I have been following private military contracting issues I have read hundred of analyses and law journal articles regarding...

KBR: Private Military Cancer (PMC) Provider? Part II

| Posted 06.11.2010 | Business

Back in April I wrote about the lawsuit filed by Indiana National Guardsmen, against KBR. The suite suit alleges that KBR knowingly allowed exposure t...

The GAO Transcripts: Part 1, Blackwater

| Posted 06.12.2010 | Business

It is no secret that over the years the U. S. Government Accountability Office has published numerous reports on private military and security contrac...

The GAO Transcripts: Part 2, Second Blackwater Interview

| Posted 06.14.2010 | Business

Here is the second installment of the Government Accountability Office interview transcripts that were prepared pursuant to the July 2005 GAO report "...

The GAO Transcripts: Part 3, Aegis Defence Interview

| Posted 06.16.2010 | Business

This April 11, 2005 interview as conducted with an official of Aegis Defence, a major British-headquartered private military company.

The Rand Corporation Opines on "Hired Guns"

| Posted 06.16.2010 | Business

You haven't really arrived in the pantheon of vital national security topics until you are the subject of a study by the think tank equivalent of one of the establishment's duly accredited wise old men.

It All Depends on What You Mean by Regulation

| Posted 06.17.2010 | Business

Perhaps I was hasty when I wrote most PMCs crave to comply with legal standards. These groups object to a proposed UN treaty to set screening standards to avoid alleged abuses by war zone guards.

Keep on Trucking

| Posted 06.28.2010 | Business

Holy freaking Yahweh! I go away for just one week and, of course, all sorts of contractor related items happen. Well, let's start with the issue of lo...

The GAO Transcripts: Part 4, A British PSC Viewpoint

| Posted 06.28.2010 | Business

Another installment of the Government Accountability Office interview transcripts that were prepared pursuant to the July 2005 GAO report "Rebuilding Iraq: Actions Needed To Improve Use of Private Security Providers."

Shaping up Blackwater's Act

| Posted 06.29.2010 | Business

Blackwater's genuine mistakes, as well as unfair characterizations in the media, have taken a toll on its public image. But we need to be fair: a lot has changed in the 15 months since Eric Prince stepped down as the company's head.

The Three Imperative C's: Comprehending Contracting Culture

| Posted 06.29.2010 | Business

Remember the Human Terrain System Program? That's the U S. Army program which embeds social scientists with combat brigades in countries like Iraq an...

The Perils of LOGCAP Job Seeking

| Posted 06.30.2010 | Business

I have often mentioned the logistics side of private military contracting. It would be difficult not to, as it constitutes the overwhelming share of t...

The GAO Transcripts, Part 5: Could the Military Trust the PSCs?

| Posted 06.30.2010 | Business

This is the fifth installment of the Government Accountability Office interview transcripts that were prepared pursuant to the July 2005 GAO report "R...