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Entries by David Nichtern from 07/2010

Real World Meditation: Why Being Present Matters

| Posted 07.01.2010 | Healthy Living

Participating in an intensive meditation retreat and then returning to our ordinary life can provide an extremely vivid transition, offeringa chance to see our habits and patterns in high relief.

Cultivating Compassion: Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

| Posted 07.19.2010 | Healthy Living

Even with the solid intention to develop a more compassionate attitude it can be difficult to know what the most skillful and truly helpful action is in any given situation.

'Slow Enlightenment' in a Quick Fix Culture

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Healthy Living

We do live in a culture where faster, more and easier seem to govern a lot of our choices. Are there any advocates of doing something fully, in depth and completely mastering the subject, whatever it is?