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Entries by David Roberts from 12/2006

Using Hollywood

| Posted 12.01.2006 | Politics
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Hollywood is extremely influential, both economically and culturally. And you know why? Because everyone, in every demographic, in every part of the country, consumes its products.

Lincoln Navigator Ad on Front Page of The New York Times

| Posted 12.04.2006 | Huffington Post

grist.orgWhat can you say?...

Obama's Tic

| Posted 12.06.2006 | Politics
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He's a people pleaser. He wants to be loved and admired by everybody. No matter what he says, he loves being the golden boy.

Risk perception and global warming

| Posted 12.08.2006 | Politics
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grist.orgI've been meaning to write about a recent story in Time on risk perception -- in particular, on how badly we suck at it.The basic theme is f...

The Mustache is the Message

| Posted 12.11.2006 | Politics
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His advocacy on the Iraq War was and is risible. His chipper, un-self conscious cheesiness can occasionally cause even a pacifist like me to want to physically strike him.

Nuckin' futs

| Posted 12.13.2006 | Politics
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The fellows at JibJab have put up their latest animation. It's a fairly apt and amusing summary of 2006, though I am surprised to see Al Gore and his ...

(One part of) A Unified Climate/Energy Agenda

| Posted 12.13.2006 | Politics
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Lawmakers are unusually open to the environmental movement right now, unusually thoughtful about energy and climate issues. The time is ripe for a unified message.

Dem Voters and Global Warming

| Posted 12.14.2006 | Politics
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Voters always say they worry about global warming, but they never really use it as a basis for how to vote. There are no global warming single-issue voters like there are on abortion or the war.

Time for Gore

| Posted 12.18.2006 | Politics
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grist.orgCongrats, you guys, for being named Person of the Year.Personally, I think it's ridiculous Time didn't give that particular encomium to Al Go...

An interview with Rev. Joel Hunter, who's not the new president of the Christian Coalition

| Posted 12.20.2006 | Huffington Post

grist.orgIn July, Rev. Joel Hunter was named president-elect of the Christian Coalition of America, the legendary political advocacy organization fou...

Dingell wary

| Posted 12.22.2006 | Politics
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Democratic ascension in Congress has raised hope for substantive action on global warming and energy security. But the outlook is not entirely rosy.

Gerald Ford and the Deferred Dream of Energy Independence

| Posted 12.27.2006 | Business
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We've got to figure out the energy independence equation in circumstances much more difficult than those that faced Gerald Ford.

The top ten green stories of 2006

| Posted 12.30.2006 | Healthy Living
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Despite the braying of dinosaur corporations and think-tank nitwits to the contrary, going green is not a drag on the economy. It's the 21st century's biggest moneymaker.

The opportunity costs of the Iraq War

| Posted 12.31.2006 | Huffington Post

grist.orgYes! Yes, yes, yes. This is the op-ed column I've been waiting to see, and there's nobody better to write it than Richard Clarke. His point i...

20 predictions for 2007

| Posted 12.31.2006 | Politics
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19. The U.S. military will become the largest consumer of clean energy and clean energy technology.