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Entries by David Roberts from 12/2007

Nancy Pelosi Is Kicking Ass

| Posted 12.05.2007 | Politics

There's remarkable stuff going on up on the Hill today: thanks to the persistence of Pelosi (and others), the energy bill has been almost entirely restored to its original strength.

The Syllogism of Doom

| Posted 12.06.2007 | Politics

I've been pondering why clean coal -- a climate solution that does not yet so much as, um, exist -- has taken on such talismanic quality in energy discussions.

A Sea Change in U.S. Energy Policy

| Posted 12.07.2007 | Politics

On July 15 1979, President Jimmy Carter delivered his politically inopportune "malaise speech", remembered for its downcast assessment of t...

Sen. John Kerry Defends Dem Decision Not to Force a Filibuster on the Energy Bill

| Posted 12.14.2007 | Politics

The Democrats can't just filibuster; it would likely spiral into a major budget crisis and a government shutdown. It's a huge gamble, and if they lost it could imperil their chances in 2008.

A Public Policy Gimme: Financing Green Construction and Retrofits

| Posted 12.17.2007 | Politics

grist.orgSteve Heckeroth's piece "Solar is the solution" has been recommended all over the green blogosphere, first by Robert Rapier, I thi...