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Entries by David Ropeik from 06/2010

Getting Risk Wrong. It's not just BP. It's You and Me

| Posted 06.14.2010 | Books

We need to honestly realize that the imperfect system of human risk perception is not just what greedy corporations do. It's what we all do, the people who make the decisions at those corporations, and you, and I.

An End to War Vs. the Animal Instinct to Survive

| Posted 06.15.2010 | Healthy Living

Large scale violence happens for the same reason that most violence does. When we are threatened, we often protect ourselves with physical force. It's instinctive.

BP and Risk Communication: They Just Don't Get It

| Posted 06.21.2010 | Business

As a consultant in risk perception, it stuns me that the otherwise smart people who run organizations can't see that it is in their best interest to sincerely put the feelings of others first.

The Oil Spill Catastrophe: Biggest Ever? Not Close.

| Posted 06.27.2010 | Green

The oil spill is a catastrophe, but risks that are catastrophic scare us more than those that are chronic -- even though in many cases, the chronic risks are far bigger threats.