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Entries by David Sirota from 06/2005

Dems Still Debating: Conviction or Triangulation?

| Posted 06.06.2005 | Politics
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The Democratic Party is in the process of making a big decision about its future. Will it follow the likes of Reid, Dean and others and transform itself into a conviction party that is motivated by principles?

Finally, More Democrats Taking a Stand on Iraq

| Posted 06.13.2005 | Politics
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The GOP may try to make it seem as if any new initiatives on Iraq mean Democrats are just responding to polls. But, whatever - I'll take it. Hell, I'll take anything if it means more Democrats will stand up and give voice to the majority of Americans who want to see our Iraq policy seriously altered.

The PLAN to Take Action at the State Level

| Posted 06.16.2005 | Huffington Post

How many times do we have to see ultra-right-wing politicians pass the most extreme legislation at the state level before we stand up and start doing something about it? GOP Governors revoke collective bargaining rights for workers, GOP legislators prevent communities from improving wages, and lunatic state officials are allowed to go on witchhunts against women who have had legal abortions.

Fighting Corporate Welfare: Where Left & Right Agree

| Posted 06.23.2005 | Politics
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Check out this fascinating post over at Facing South - a conservative legal group is suing the state of North Carolina over the awarding of a massive taxpayer giveaway to Corporate America. Fighting these kinds of handouts to already-wealthy corporations is a place where progressives and conservatives can join forces against the bought-off "centrists" who dominate the political Establishment.

Why Bush Will Never Be Able to Regain Support for the War

| Posted 06.29.2005 | Politics
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It's simple: this President, unlike any other, brazenly lied to America about why we went to war, and polls show Americans know he lied. This is why this president in particular will never find support for the Iraq War - because the war itself is a constant reminder that Bush and his administration are comfortable misleading America, even when it comes to the most sacred life and death decisions.