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Entries by David Sirota from 09/2005

GOP's New Mantra to America: Go Cheney Yourself

| Posted 09.08.2005 | Politics
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Republicans are using their machine to tell ordinary Americans to do what Vice President Cheney once told Sen. Patrick Leahy (D) to do: go f*** yourself.

A Telltale Sign Your Party Lacks a Backbone: When It Gets Outflanked on Iraq By Iraq's President

| Posted 09.13.2005 | Politics
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How is it possible that these insulated dolts do not understand that the longer they wait in their thumb-in-the-wind position, the more they reinforce public perceptions that the party stands for nothing?

Time to Put the Bush Tax Cuts on Trial

| Posted 09.19.2005 | Politics
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Let's get it on. Let's have the debate about taxes that those arrogant conservative elitists like Grover Norquist think they control.

On Roberts, Who is More Pathetic: The Media or the Democrats?

| Posted 09.21.2005 | Huffington Post

For the love of god, Democrats will bellow, how come no one thinks we are strong, and take strong positions? What a hilarious, laugh-out-loud, piss-your-pants joke it would all be - if it wasn't so sad.

How Roberts' Confirmation Process Shows What We Should Really Fear

| Posted 09.22.2005 | Huffington Post

We should fear that Democrats early on showed a willingness to capitulate to the Roberts nomination even when they knew it would dramatically shift the court to the hard right.

How Hurricanes Rained on Bush's Tax Cut Parade

| Posted 09.27.2005 | Politics
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Our energy assets are vulnerable to natural disasters, and need infrastructure to protect them. Will the Bush administration ask taxpayers to pick up the tab, or will he force the profiteering energy industry to protect itself?

America's Energy Solution Is Right Under Us...Literally

| Posted 09.28.2005 | Politics
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America has a golden (but as-yet-untapped) opportunity to use its own resources to both improve the environment with a cleaner fuel, and get us off foreign oil.

Republicans Tell America What They Think Is "Necessary" and "Unnecessary"

| Posted 09.30.2005 | Politics
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Take a look at the GOP's top priorities in the wake of the worst natural disaster in American history.