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Entries by David Sirota from 07/2006

Hartford Courant: Who's Lieberman Represent? Not You.

| Posted 07.02.2006 | Huffington Post

Lieberman has become part of the Establishment that's perpetrated a hostile takeover of our government, and the upcoming primary is a way for Connecticut voters to take their government back.

Take Action: Tell the DSCC to Respect CT Voters and Uphold Its Mission

| Posted 07.03.2006 | Politics
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Sen. Joe Lieberman's move to leave the Democratic Party today is the act of a defeated man so focused on holding onto Connecticut's Senate seat that he is trying to thwart the will of voters.

The Paulson Payoff at the Bush Treasury Department

| Posted 07.04.2006 | Huffington Post

What is Goldman Sachs buying with this brazen payoff to someone they knew was headed to one of the most powerful government posts in America?

VICTORY: DSCC Agrees to Back Winner of CT Dem Primary

| Posted 07.05.2006 | Huffington Post

Obviously, the important word from the DSCC is "likely" - that still leaves them the opportunity to reverse themselves.

OP-ED: Stopping State Taxpayer Rip-Off Schemes

| Posted 07.06.2006 | Huffington Post

Matt Singer, the communications director of the Progressive States Network, has a terrific new op-ed posted on that analyzes how many sta...

A Committee Legislating Under the Influence

| Posted 07.10.2006 | Politics
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The Appropriations Committee used to be one of the great committees in Congress. Now, it is a breeding ground for corruption.

Bush, Congress Consider North Korea "Free" Trade Pact

| Posted 07.11.2006 | Politics
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Clearly, it is the bought off, the dishonest and the immoral who would sit by while our government openly debates whether to reward a country like North Korea for its horrific treatment of its people.

Hillary Clinton & the Hostile Takeover of the Health Care Debate

| Posted 07.12.2006 | Politics
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Want to know why Washington Democrats have stopped focusing on and talking about the GOP's culture of corruption? Just read this story in today's New ...

Lawmakers Take on Right-Wing Gov, Intro Landmark Anti-Internet Censorship Bill

| Posted 07.13.2006 | Politics
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It's early morning down here at in Lexington, Kentucky and I just finished drafting remarks for a press conference I will be attending in Frankfort wh...

Mike DeWine's "Absurd" and "Crazy" World

| Posted 07.14.2006 | Politics
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DeWine actually expects voters to believe that these industries are showering him in cash because they are just nice and that their generosity to Mikey is just motivated by the goodness in their heart.

Sherrod Brown's Lesson for the Democratic Party

| Posted 07.18.2006 | Politics
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In America's money-drenched political system, our government's sellout trade policy is something that is rarely - if ever - discussed in an honest way...

REPORT: New Trade Pact Permits Foreign Ownership of U.S. Security Assets

| Posted 07.18.2006 | Politics
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Are lawmakers going to sell out America's national security? Or are they going to stand up to Big Money interests and say this trade deal and others like it are unacceptable?

The Bigger Meaning of Establishment Hostility Toward Hostile Takeover

| Posted 07.20.2006 | Politics
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The Billings Outpost has a solid review up of Hostile Takeover. Also, the New York Times will be reviewing the book this Sunday in its book section th...

Pull Up a Chair - This Is The Funniest Show In Politics

| Posted 07.21.2006 | Politics
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With news that Ned Lamont is pulling ahead of D.C. cocktail-party favorite Joe Lieberman, the elitists are out in full force.

The Fault Line We're Never Supposed to Talk About

| Posted 07.22.2006 | Politics
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God forbid we start talking about systemic problems, then we can actually have a real debate about the power equations that drive our broken political process.

OP-ED: In '06, Who Must Answer for 9/11?

| Posted 07.24.2006 | Politics
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The real definition of strength is one where politicians hiding behind their security details don't spew "bring it on" rhetoric while indefinitely leaving American soldiers as targets in a Baghdad shooting gallery.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Tom Friedman's Shocking Admission

| Posted 07.25.2006 | Media
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Friedman actually went on record admitting he advocates for specific trade deals without knowing anything about what's in the trade deals he is writing about.

Dems' "Free" Trade Zealots Change Their Tune

| Posted 07.26.2006 | Politics
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A message pushing a reform of corporate-written trade policy is not just good policy, but would regain the votes of the very working class constituencies the Democratic Party has lost.

MY APOLOGIES: Wash Post Exposes Real Agenda of Wall Street Dems

| Posted 07.27.2006 | Politics
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A stunning piece today shows that the real agenda of these Big Money insiders is to pretend to care about stagnating wages, slashed pensions, and job outsourcing.

How Dare You, You "Elitist Insurgents!"

| Posted 07.30.2006 | Politics
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We, the vast majority of ordinary Americans, have every right - no, every responsibility - to democratically challenge elected officials when they stop representing us.

Billionaire Scion Tom Friedman

| Posted 07.31.2006 | Media
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I've documented repeatedly how New York Times columnist Tom Friedman parrots the propaganda of Big Money, using his column to legitimize some of the w...