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Entries by David Sirota from 02/2007

Progressive Senators Learn How to Use Ben Nelson-ism For Themselves

| Posted 02.03.2007 | Politics
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Don't we need leaders willing to play a similar game of brinksmanship that the Ben Nelsons play in order to get the party to stop bending over backwards to appease Republicans and sell us out?

On Iraq, "It's Us vs. Dems' Washington Consultants"

| Posted 02.06.2007 | Politics
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You would think Democrats would be pushing legislation with real teeth and not just non-binding nothingness, especially if the GOP was going to filibuster anyway. Well, you'd be wrong.

Coalition Builds Against Bush's Latest "Free" Trade Demands

| Posted 02.07.2007 | Politics
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If/when they try to ram "fast track" down the throat of America, both Democrats and Republicans should expect very strong pushback.

Rothenberg on Iraq: Ignore Those Annoying Things Called "Facts"

| Posted 02.09.2007 | Politics
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Regardless of the casualties and the human devastation, these people seem to see the war as just one big political game - a conversation piece at Washington cocktail parties.

I Want to Believe

| Posted 02.10.2007 | Politics
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There is no "third way" or "consensus" way out of many of our most pressing problems, as Obama seems to believe. If you don't believe me, just take a quick look at history.

The Jimmy the Greek Standard: What Must A Pundit Say to Have His Mic Cut?

| Posted 02.12.2007 | Business
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What would an Establishment-ordained pundit have to say to lose their Establishment billing as "credible?"

Capitol Hill Junior High, Or How Media Kool Kids Try to Bar Access to Your Government

| Posted 02.13.2007 | Politics
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In Montana, anyone can walk into the state Capitol and sit in on any meeting, press conference or other gathering, thanks to our state's Open Meeting ...

Help Stop Media From Barring Access to YOUR Government

| Posted 02.14.2007 | Politics
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The Washington Post has a new follow-up to its piece yesterday on how a group of journalists and bureaucrats rejected my request for a temporary press...

Wall Street Leader Demands Dems Reject Bush's "Free" Trade Agenda

| Posted 02.15.2007 | Politics
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It's not everyday you find a Wall Street leader who is willing to tell the truth about the failures of America's lobbyist-written trade policy. That's...

NY TIMES: Dems in State Capitols Push Antiwar Resolutions

| Posted 02.16.2007 | Politics
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In the wake of the Iowa Senate yesterday sending a strong signal to all presidential candidates on the Iraq War, the New York Times runs a big piece o...

ABC News: Progressive States Network "Positively Grover Norquistian" In Its Successful Iraq Campaign

| Posted 02.17.2007 | Huffington Post

We make no apologies for having a take-no-prisoners attitude in pushing the progressive agenda. Nor do we make apologies for avoiding the celebrity-obsessed focus on the Beltway.

Progressive Magazine Demands Access to U.S. Capitol; Will D.C. Media Allow It?

| Posted 02.18.2007 | Politics
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This is not a partisan issue, and it's really not about me as an individual. Conservatives like Fred Barnes agree that it is outrageous for Washington reporters to try to deny other reporters access to the Capitol.

Building - Not Just Talking About - Permanent Progressive Infrastructure

| Posted 02.19.2007 | Politics
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Introducing legislation in a vacuum is not building infrastructure - using that legislation as a vehicle to construct widespread national pressure is. And that's exactly what the Progressive States Network has done.

REMINDER: Iraq Call with Kennedy & State Legislators Today at 1pm EST

| Posted 02.20.2007 | Huffington Post

Just a reminder about today's national conference call at 1pm EST with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), state legislators and the Progressive States Network a...

CNN POLL: 60 Percent Want Congress to Cut Off Funds for Iraq Escalation

| Posted 02.21.2007 | Huffington Post

I don't yet have the details or cross-tabs of the poll itself, but anchor John Roberts just said this on CNN this morning: "Is Congress willing...

CS Monitor: Online Activists Get States to Oppose Iraq Escalation

| Posted 02.22.2007 | Politics
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When grassroots activists focus more on states and less exclusively on Washington, the progressive movement can exert incredible influence over American politics.

The Attack of Fox News 2008

| Posted 02.22.2007 | Politics
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Robert Greenwald's latest - if you like it, make sure to sign the petition here. Again, sign the petition to speak out....

The Peter Beinart Story, Or Jimmy the Greek As Race Relations Expert

| Posted 02.23.2007 | Politics
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Even in his apologizing article, Peter Beinart still finds it OK to lecture us on what "liberal" foreign policy should be and television bookers still find it OK to present him as some sort of "expert."

Why Dems Should Hope Lieberman Joins the GOP

| Posted 02.24.2007 | Politics
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After reading about Joe "I've given my word I will caucus with Democrats" Lieberman threatening to switch parties and potentially throw control of the Senate to Republicans, I had a thought: Would it really be that big a deal?

GOP & Dems: Congress Must Let Troops Go to Iraq Without Training or Equipment

| Posted 02.25.2007 | Politics
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I cannot understand how these people are positioning themselves as "pro-troops" when they are now going on record saying troops should not have to have any rest between deployments.

Cheney Shows Why Dems' Pulling Purse Strings Is "Strong" On Nat'l Security

| Posted 02.26.2007 | Politics
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So, merely the threat that Democrats might cut or regulate aid to Pakistan is forcing the Bush administration to do what it has, until now, refused to do: play hardball on the international stage.

MT Senate Demands Baucus Reject "Fast Track" & "Free" Trade

| Posted 02.27.2007 | Politics
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In just the last week his language on trade seems to have changed - but whether that rhetorical shift means a policy shift is anyone's guess.

Another Big Success From the Frontlines of the Movement

| Posted 02.28.2007 | Politics
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Along with seven courageous U.S. senators who have declared they will work "aggressively" to stop fast track, a definitive statement has now been made right here on Max Baucus's home turf.