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Entries by David Sirota from 03/2007

84% of Philly Votes to Throw Santorum Out of Office; Philly Inquirer Responds By Giving Santorum A Regular Column

| Posted 03.01.2007 | Entertainment
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This displays what one might call "disconnection" from the desires of the Inquirer's audience - a not so uncommon criticism of the media.

Obama Asks Regular Folks to Buy Into His Campaign; D.C. Calls It Scandalous

| Posted 03.02.2007 | Politics
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The Hotline, the uber-insider journal of Beltway conventional thought, claims today to have a scandalous scoop of "opposition" research on Illinois Se...

Welcome to the Post-Factual Era

| Posted 03.03.2007 | Politics
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A simple question: Why is politics the only arena where those who turned out to be right still get flayed as outcasts, while those who are known to be...

NYT: Anti-War Dems are "Fringe"...And Other Insults From the Establishment

| Posted 03.05.2007 | Huffington Post

Democrats who want to bring the troops home from Iraq do not have a "fringe image" among the public, which strongly wants the same thing.

LA Times Exec: Readers Want Coverage of Hollywood, Not Iraq or Other Major Issues

| Posted 03.06.2007 | Business
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Do readers really want that? Or is it the news executives who really want that, because covering Hollywood and fashion is so much easier and less expensive than reporting real news?

Congress's Imminent "Free" Trade Brawl: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

| Posted 03.07.2007 | Politics
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As I've said for a long, long time now, in the new Congress the battle is going to be fierce and nasty over "free" trade (read: trade deals that are f...

Dems' Big Middle Finger to the American Voter

| Posted 03.08.2007 | Politics
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Inside the gated community of D.C., actually listening to or shaping policy on behalf of the vast majority of Americans is considered either laughably outdated or disgustingly unsavory.

The Anti-Escalation Campaign

| Posted 03.09.2007 | Politics
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In the last two weeks the Progressive States Network Anti-Escalation Campaign resolutions have garnered local media attention in Colorado, New Hampsh...

On Dave Obey, "Idiot Liberals" and Ending the War

| Posted 03.10.2007 | Politics
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The troubling thing out of Obey's spat is not his behavior; it is the reaction to it by the progressive movement, and what that reaction really says.

Where Is America's True Center?

| Posted 03.11.2007 | Politics
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That the media continues to label as "fringe" antiwar Democrats representing the position of most Americans is a testament to how powerful the Beltway status-quo-defending propaganda system really is.

WASH POST: Bush & CEOs SEC Has "Too Many Lawyers Who Enforce Rules"

| Posted 03.12.2007 | Politics
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The Washington Post reports that in recent weeks, "stock markets shuddered because of concerns that risky mortgage loans are cracking the foundation o...

Will House Dems Kill Senate-Passed Bill to Document Corruption?

| Posted 03.13.2007 | Politics
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Buying off lawmakers in Washington has become so commonplace, so mundane, that few people inside the Beltway see it as anything more than a routine human behavior like, say, breathing air.

Politics 101: Conning America Is Not A Matter of "Conscience"

| Posted 03.14.2007 | Politics
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Asking the public to forget the central theme of a national election that took place less than 18 weeks ago is, in a word, absurd. And it's clear that's what at least some key House Democrats are trying to do.

More States Demand Congress Stop the Escalation

| Posted 03.15.2007 | Politics
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In Colorado, a massive crowd turned out for a hearing on the Anti-Iraq Escalation resolution, garnering front page newspaper coverage and top television news coverage throughout the state.

INVITE: Join Bernie Sanders & State Lawmakers On Conf Call TODAY About Anti-Fast Track Campaign

| Posted 03.16.2007 | Politics
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Please join the Progressive States Network, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Montana State Senator Jim Elliott and others Friday 3/16 at 1pm EST for this ...

The Real Legacy of the Plame Affair

| Posted 03.19.2007 | Politics
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In watching more of PBS Frontline's fantastic "News War" series - and specifically the section about the Valerie Plame affair - it struck me...

A Memo to the Progressive Caucus On the Eve of the Iraq Vote

| Posted 03.21.2007 | Politics
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Democratic leaders have attached their binding legislation to a bill providing ongoing funding, and many progressives understandably do not want to vote for a single dollar more for anything that could be construed as fueling the war.

Progressive Democrats: The New Power Bloc In Congress

| Posted 03.23.2007 | Huffington Post

These Members of Congress played hardball from the beginning, and that hardball made sure this bill included strong, binding legislation to end the war.

Stop Lying About Barbara Lee

| Posted 03.24.2007 | Politics
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Lee likely calculated that her Iraq bill would have been defeated in committee and that such rejection would have been a major legislative setback for the antiwar movement.

Et tu, Katie Couric?

| Posted 03.26.2007 | Huffington Post

This was no ordinary interview - this was a televised guilt trip. She stated as fact to John Edwards that he is supposedly "putting your work first, and your family second."

It's The Economic Ideology, Stupid: The End of Reality-Based Policymaking

| Posted 03.27.2007 | Business
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Scores of lobotomized politicians doing exactly what they are told, making information-free decisions, without looking at the hard data -- this is K Street's wet dream.

The Threat of a "Clean" Iraq Supplemental Bill

| Posted 03.28.2007 | Politics
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Democrats pushing for a so-called "clean" supplemental are already out there making it known that they are ready to undermine the antiwar movement at a moment's notice.

Memo to Democrats On Iraq: The Post-Veto Strategy

| Posted 03.28.2007 | Politics
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The antiwar movement will have to expend significant resources - and perhaps in a very confrontational way - to pressure wavering Blue Dog Democrats to stay in line.

The Marriage of Corruption & Hypocrisy In Democratic Washington

| Posted 03.29.2007 | Politics
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From trade, to medicine prices to democracy itself, corporate lobbyists are now so sure they can buy whatever policies they want that they don't even bother to put up the veneer of logical rationales.

BALT SUN - Protesting & Legislating to End the War

| Posted 03.30.2007 | Politics
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Update - The Olbermann show just cancelled, citing other breaking news. Sorry about that - I committed the sin I shouldn't have committed - telling fo...