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Entries by David Sirota from 06/2007

On Global Warming, ExxonMobil's CEO Channels Rumsfeld

| Posted 06.01.2007 | Politics
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Here's what ExxonMobil's Tillerson said to the annual shareholders meeting when asked why the company has funded groups that deny global warming is a real problem in the face of scientific consensus that says it is.

Book Recommendation: Which Side Are You On?

| Posted 06.03.2007 | Politics
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Tom Geoghegan takes us through his own life as a labor lawyer in Chicago, and shows us both the corporate forces working against the labor movement and the forces within unions that have created some real problems.

VIDEO: Dems Promote the Innocent Bystander Fable At CNN Debate

| Posted 06.04.2007 | Politics
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I subjected myself to the torture that was the Democratic presidential primary debate last night, and came away thinking one thing: Many of the peop...

New Study Further Debunks The Great Education Myth

| Posted 06.05.2007 | Politics
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If you've read my writing, you probably know of my dislike for The Great Education Myth - the myth forwarded by politicians and power-worshiping pundi...

Coming Soon: My New Nationally Syndicated Newspaper Column

| Posted 06.06.2007 | Huffington Post

Forgive the spate of personal news, but I wanted to close the loop and reply to the many inquiries I've received. Last week, I let everyone know I am ...

Novak Provides More Signs Edwards Is Doing Something Right

| Posted 06.07.2007 | Politics
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Making the kinds of enemies so desperate that they run to an archconservative Republican columnist to vent their anger is a good sign that a presidential candidate is doing something right.

VOTE ALERT: Barring Outsourcers From Abusing Visas to Undercut Wages

| Posted 06.07.2007 | Politics
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U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), my old boss, has an important bipartisan amendment coming to the floor of the Senate very soon. As reported by Comp...

SECRET TRADE DEAL: Can the Clinton Machine Deliver Another NAFTA?

| Posted 06.08.2007 | Politics
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This is another in a series of ongoing posts following the announcement of a secret free trade deal on May 10, 2007 between a handful of senior Democr...

Fred Thompson - K Street's Presidential Candidate

| Posted 06.09.2007 | Politics
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No record-setting deficit or lack of funds for protective equipment for our soldiers in harm's way is going to stop him from pushing to get his corporate cronies as many giveaways as possible.

New Poll Exposes Idiot Dem Consultants As Idiots

| Posted 06.11.2007 | Politics
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You know the conventional wisdom from DC consultants which says that Democrats from "tough" and "rural" districts have to avoid talking about the war? Seems like this new poll shatters that entirely.

Event & Report: Lawmakers to Discuss New Report on Progressive State Gains Thursday

| Posted 06.12.2007 | Politics
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Much of the national media debate and political activism in our country focuses almost exclusively on Congress and the federal government, but as a br...

Epiphanies & Ramblings On A Drive to Denver

| Posted 06.22.2007 | Politics
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That so much of our political debate is so utterly dominated by elites geographically anchored on the coasts is why our politics are afflicted with such a dismissive view of the American heartland.

Rallying w/Michael Moore for Health Care in Colorado

| Posted 06.25.2007 | Politics
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What I found most profound about Sicko was Moore's point about how our health care system's problems -- and economic oppression generally -- serves to depoliticize the public.

Obama's Huge Opportunity To Expose the Extremist Machine

| Posted 06.25.2007 | Politics
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Two and a half years ago, I joined in what would become the successful efforts to create the Progressive States Network - an organization designed to ...

My Recent Visit to the Elite's Fact-Free Fantasy World

| Posted 06.26.2007 | Politics
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When I wrote Hostile Takeover, I envisioned it as something like a Hitchiker's Guide to Wall Street and Washington's Galaxy - a handbook folks could ...

Lacking Strategery, Or Deliberately Avoiding It?

| Posted 06.27.2007 | Politics
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The EFCA is a bill that helps workers avoid Wal-Mart-style intimidation efforts when they dare to consider forming a union to collectively bargain wit...

A Telling Journey Through the Political Time Machine

| Posted 06.28.2007 | Politics
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A quote like this is barely allowed to be whispered in the haircut-obsessed media and Establishment-dominated political debate for fear of being called a ultra-leftist. Guess who said it.

If Charles Grassley Is Cesar Chavez, Is Duke Cunningham Now William Proxmire?

| Posted 06.29.2007 | Politics
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Never - and I mean never - underestimate the willingness of Beltway journalists to fabricate power-worshipping, politician-glorifying storylines out of thin air.

Were These Same People Applauding the Tiananmen Square Massacre?

| Posted 06.30.2007 | Politics
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We shouldn't wonder whether America's tattered image is only about Iraq; we have American corporate leaders literally threatening to leave China if China even minimally works to stop slavery.