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Entries by David Sirota from 09/2007

Caught on Tape: GOP Advocates Letting Homes Burn Down in Face of Wildfires

| Posted 09.01.2007 | Politics

The Montana Republican Party is now on record for attacking Montana state government for trying to stop buildings and homes from being burnt down.

K Street Wants Justice Up for Sale

| Posted 09.02.2007 | Politics

Just when you thought another branch of government couldn't be sold off to Corporate America, here's a story about how state attorneys general are now the targets of big-time corporate lobbying campaigns.

Discovering Labor's Untold Story: A Labor Day Reading List

| Posted 09.03.2007 | Politics

Here are some books that I think are must-reads for anyone wishing to understand unions and the labor movement.

SECRET TRADE DEAL: Report Shows Bush/Dem Pact Designed to Let Big Business Evade U.S. Taxes

| Posted 09.04.2007 | Politics

As Congress reconvenes this week, K Street and a handful of Democratic congressional leaders are gearing up to pass lobbyist-written trade pacts with ...

GOP's "Right to Work" vs. Your Right to Know the Facts

| Posted 09.05.2007 | Business

Conservative David Harsanyi used his column to promote a so-called "right to work" ballot initiative which proposes to force unions to collectively bargain for workers who refuse to contribute to the union.

On Iraq, What's More Disgusting: Being Lied To, Or Hearing the Truth?

| Posted 09.06.2007 | Politics

I can't tell what's more disgusting: Being lied to by Democrats about their supposed powerlessness, or having the GOP say the war must continue and American troops must continue getting killed.

The Innocent Bystander Fable Goes Into Overdrive

| Posted 09.10.2007 | Politics

The Washington Post is the latest to push what I have called the Innocent Bystander Fable -- the myth that Democrats have no power to stop the war, despite controlling both houses of Congress.

What Does the Hostile Takeover of the Democratic Party Look Like?

| Posted 09.10.2007 | Politics
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I wrote a whole book on the hostile takeover of our government by Big Money interests - but if anyone wants to see a good example of what that means w...

NEW REPORT: Major Conservative Slant In Syndicated Columns

| Posted 09.11.2007 | Politics

As many of you know, my new weekly national Creators Syndicate column will be starting this week (the first one should be out on the web on Thursday -...

The Lessons of Today's Stunning Lieberman Poll

| Posted 09.13.2007 | Politics

Craven politicians like Lieberman will do anything they can to confuse the public about their positions on the war -- and they can succeed if the major media refuses to ask them questions or consistently highlight their hypocrisy.

Column: The Lesson of the DMV

| Posted 09.14.2007 | Politics

Conservative syndicated columnists dominate disproportionately dominate newspapers. So I am going to need readers like you to contact your local papers asking them to carry my column.

Dems On Iraq: Autoshadowphobia In Remission?

| Posted 09.18.2007 | Politics

A few months ago, in the face of polls showing the public wanted an end to the war, Democrats were refusing to use their power to, well, end the war.


| Posted 09.19.2007 | Politics

Roll Call's headline today blares "House Centrists Seek a Little Moderation on Iraq." The story is about "a small band of moderate House Democrats and...

Dem Freshmen Dig In for Battle Against Party Leadership

| Posted 09.20.2007 | Politics

An Illinois freshman points out that endorsing job-killing, wage-destroying trade pacts just months after winning Congress is a travesty of the highest order.

1994 Redux: The Consequences of Dems' New NAFTA

| Posted 09.21.2007 | Politics

UPDATE: Bloomberg News is now reporting the Senate Finance Committee this morning backed the "free-trade agreement between the U.S. and Peru, approvin...

Dem Leadership Rolls "Over the Dead Bodies" Of Its Rank-and-File

| Posted 09.25.2007 | Politics

All I'm gonna say is this: Democrats, come election time, don't say we didn't tell you so. We told you so -- and then some.

Dick Cheney Was Right

| Posted 09.26.2007 | Politics
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Here's the Associated Press: "The House Tuesday passed a bill to keep the government running until mid-November, with both Democrats and Republicans ...

When Will the Innocent Bystander Fable Stop?

| Posted 09.26.2007 | Politics

Everyone inside the 50-square mile radius of Washington, D.C. wants us to believe that Democrats are just Innocent Bystanders, that they have no power to do anything.

Pushing New NAFTAs, Pelosi Parrots Broder

| Posted 09.27.2007 | Politics

In demanding that Dems who campaigned against NAFTA now vote for a package of new NAFTAs, Pelosi insisted that Dems need to "take yes for an answer."

Finding A Real Progressive Strategy: It's All In the Numbers

| Posted 09.28.2007 | Politics
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As promised a few days ago, my new nationally syndicated newspaper column takes a hard look at exactly why the progressive movement's strategy of focu...