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Entries by David Sirota from 10/2007

The Definition of Insanity

| Posted 10.01.2007 | Politics

Why should anyone believe simply electing more Democrats is going to end the war? Where is there any proof that that would help end the war?

Greenspan Says Solution to Inequality is to Lower U.S. Wages

| Posted 10.02.2007 | Business

Alan Greenspan: One of the truly great class warriors of his time.

These Are Times That Try Progressives' Souls

| Posted 10.03.2007 | Politics

It is frustrating being part of the progressive movement these days - truly frustrating. And I say that not because I am on book deadline and exhauste...

Bipartisanship vs. Buypartisanship

| Posted 10.04.2007 | Politics

Glancing at the Wall Street Journal and then at the Hill Newspaper, it's hard to believe some people in Congress are professional career politicians.....

The Biggest Vote You've Never Heard About Is Happening This Sunday

| Posted 10.05.2007 | Politics

Whatever happens with this weekend's vote, what we are seeing in Costa Rica both from our government and voters there is nothing short of monumental.

Open Columnist - Asking for Input From Readers

| Posted 10.09.2007 | Media

To kick this off, I want to ask readers for some input on my first few columns. I want to try to be the first Open Columnist, if you will - and this is just the beginning.

BREAKING: Obama Says He Will Vote for NAFTA Expansion

| Posted 10.09.2007 | Politics

Trade has been known to be a huge issue in Iowa (remember Dick Gephardt in 1988), so this announcement could very well ripple through the 2008 primary.

The Offshoring of Hope: Obama Now Misleads Voters About NAFTA Expansion

| Posted 10.10.2007 | Politics

Following his support of Wall Street's push to expand NAFTA, Obama has embarked on a campaign of misdirection.

Preserving "A Tax Loophole the Size of A Mack Truck"

| Posted 10.11.2007 | Politics

The tax shenanigans are so nauseating that even some principled Republicans are outraged.

Confronting the Anti-Tax Hollow Men

| Posted 10.12.2007 | Politics

That's how revolutions end -- not with a bang, but with a whimper. And that goes for the Republicans' 30-year anti-tax revolution.

Circumventing the Tyranny of the Tiny Minority

| Posted 10.15.2007 | Politics

As the federal government remains paralyzed by the Senate's tyranny of the tiny minority and unable to move significant universal health care legislation, states are trying to move into the breach.

Dems Fume About the Tyranny of the Tiny Minority

| Posted 10.17.2007 | Politics

Senate Democrats could filibuster any Iraq war spending bill that is a blank check with no provisions to end the war.

The Dangers of Wearing Bourgeois Class On Our Sleeve

| Posted 10.18.2007 | Politics

The netroots is really going to have to figure out how to meld its bourgeois focus with the kitchen-table concerns of everyday, non-political-junkie Americans.

The Invisible Culture of Corruption

| Posted 10.19.2007 | Politics

Washington lobbyists may very well get their way - with the help of a media that refuses to point out blatant conflicts of interest.

More Proof the GOP Is Retreating In the Tax Wars

| Posted 10.20.2007 | Politics

The Colorado Republican leadership is berating the very tax cuts they championed.

Immigration Policy & the Triumph of Buypartisanship

| Posted 10.23.2007 | Politics

Leo Hindery calls it "nonpartisan" - I call it buypartisan. Whatever you want to call it, it is fueled by the very corruption we are seeing on trade, taxes and now on immigration.

Santorum Named Columnist; How Can Newspapers Complain?

| Posted 10.24.2007 | Media

How can a newspaper complain about losing readership when, in a major Democratic city, it is providing news analysis from a right-wing Republican who was soundly rejected by voters?

Reminder: Paul Wellstone Was Not Santa Claus

| Posted 10.25.2007 | Politics

I hope the millionaires in the Senate club can refrain from trying to Santa Claus-ify Paul Wellstone by only recalling him as a nice, friendly, happy man.

The Rise of Captive-Industry Populism

| Posted 10.26.2007 | Politics

If you think about captive-industry populism for a while, you will realize how applicable it is on many different issues - from health care to land politics to labor organizing.

Edwards Move Makes Trade '08 Centerpiece

| Posted 10.29.2007 | Politics

The a recent move on Peru, consistent with Edwards' economic populist campaign, drives a wedge right through the heart of the Democratic presidential primary.

NEW REPORT: How Free Trade & Deregulation Are Making Us Less Safe

| Posted 10.30.2007 | Politics

As we are opening our country up to more imports made without any regard to product safety standards, we are weakening our domestic systems that are s...