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Entries by David Sirota from 12/2007

The Place Where the GOP Thinks It's OK to Hate Workers

| Posted 12.01.2007 | Politics

If ever there was a single newspaper story that showed just how much today's Republican Party hates working people, this Rocky Mountain News story is ...

The Last Row of the Plane

| Posted 12.10.2007 | Politics

Our "me" culture has us treating everything as infinite, even when most things are not. That's especially true with our air.

Peter Beinart As Cautionary Tale In Journalism History

| Posted 12.11.2007 | Media

Most normal people would react to getting factually crushed on television by sitting back and thinking about how to avoid such egregiously irresponsible behavior in the future.

When Private-Equity Barbarians Take Hostages

| Posted 12.14.2007 | Business

Private equity executives and their allies in Congress have started taking hostages, first potentially delaying tax refunds, and now threatening to charge the $50 billion price of the AMT fix to the next generation.

Cillizza on Lieberman: Telling Moments In Punditry

| Posted 12.17.2007 | Politics

Cillizza, true to form, offers not a single shred of evidence to support his claim that Lieberman "remains a respected figure among moderate and unaligned voters."

Fear, Loathing & the Crisis of Confidence

| Posted 12.21.2007 | Politics

The growth of conspiracy theories as a phenomenon should not be ignored, because they represent something deeper - a distrust of a government.

A Thank You to HuffPost Readers

| Posted 12.23.2007 | Media
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My column is proof that progressive populist media voices can succeed and get into the media debate without having an insider, Establishment perspective.

Gauging the Fear Inside the Palace Walls

| Posted 12.31.2007 | Politics

Power-challenging economic populism is exciting most voters, including most middle class Americans and many Republicans.