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Entries by David Sirota from 04/2008

Events Prove Race Chasm Article Correct

| Posted 04.02.2008 | Politics

Earlier this week, I published a piece about what I called the Race Chasm, and how it relates to Clinton campaign's strategy. I made some fairly bold assertions in the article, which some readers questioned.

Clinton Chief On Colombian Payroll Now Strategizing On Free Trade Deal

| Posted 04.04.2008 | Politics

The person running a major American presidential campaign is simultaneously on the payroll of a foreign government pushing a bill that the next president would have to confront.

Race Chasm Article Spurs Debate On CNN, Denver Post, Portland Oregonian

| Posted 04.07.2008 | Politics

The conservative Establishment really doesn't want to talk about issues like race or class -- to the point where that Establishment's spokespeople take to the pages of the New York Times to demand silence.

Pelosi's Trade Move: The Good, the Bad and the Potentially Ugly

| Posted 04.09.2008 | Politics

Is Pelosi throwing America's fair trade majority a meaningless bone that ends up helping lobbyists pass this deal?

On Ludlow Anniversary, Blood Money Drenches Democrats

| Posted 04.11.2008 | Politics

The lawmakers who pretend to weep and cry at the atrocities in Tibet and Darfur maneuver to reward a Colombian government that helps commit human rights atrocities.

McCain Said It, Before He Attacked It

| Posted 04.11.2008 | Politics

The fact that McCain's campaign is feigning outrage over Obama's truisms when their own candidate has made thematically similar statements strikes me as...what's the word...oh yeah -- dishonest.

The Democratic Culture of Corruption

| Posted 04.13.2008 | Politics

The Max Baucus story that adds credence to the concept that when it comes to core economic and corruption issues, America is governed by one party with two separately named wings.

The Two Most Out of Touch Human Beings In America

| Posted 04.14.2008 | Politics

I submit to you that the two most out of touch elitists in America are Chris Matthews and Hillary Clinton.

The Uprising - Coming to a City Near You

| Posted 04.15.2008 | Politics

We've completed a beta site for my upcoming book, The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street & Washington." You can...

Race and the White Snob Industry

| Posted 04.16.2008 | Politics

A small minority of racially motivated white voters can flip an election -- especially in states where a racially motivated black vote is too small to counter that force.

Newsflash: Populism Is Popular

| Posted 04.17.2008 | Politics

Cross-posted from CAF Whenever pundits and political elites express surprise at the power of populism, I always think back to the tongue-in-cheek hea...

The Rise of the Ludlow Democrts

| Posted 04.18.2008 | Politics

In the last year and a half, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D) has been repeatedly asked the age-old labor question: Which side are you on? And he has repeatedly answered that question by taking business's side.

From Jack Welch's Screeds to George Bush's Mouth

| Posted 04.22.2008 | Politics

The goal of policies like NAFTA and the Colombian Free Trade Agreement are not to better nations' economies -- it is to better the bottom line of corporate campaign contributors.

Pennsylvania & the Persistence of the Race Chasm

| Posted 04.23.2008 | Politics

Those who continue to pretend race is not a major factor in this campaign are deliberately averting their eyes from a very powerful force in the Democratic primary.

Hill: D.C. Dems Back Off Health Care Promises

| Posted 04.24.2008 | Politics

Congressional Democrats are now saying that they will effectively thwart any effort to create a national health care program.

Chris Matthews vs. Jimmy McNulty

| Posted 04.25.2008 | Media

When you flip on the tube, you are led to believe the only thing that matters are politicians screaming at each other, and millionaire pundits analyzing the sport of it.

The Importance of Black Voters, and the Stupidity of Ignoring Them

| Posted 04.26.2008 | Politics

It is not only subtly racist to generally downplay the importance of the black vote, but it is also mathematically absurd, because the black vote will likely be a decisive factor in the general election.

Clinton Criticizing Closure of Indiana Factory That Clinton Helped Close

| Posted 04.28.2008 | Politics

It was Bill Clinton, and not Bush as Hillary claims in a new ad, who paved the way for those 200 Indiana jobs and that sensitive military technology that were shipped to China.

The Capital Gains Tax Question Charlie Gibson Should Have Asked

| Posted 04.29.2008 | Politics

Are the candidates serious about ending the situation whereby their wealthy donors in the private equity industry are being allowed to bilk American taxpayers?

ABC Digs Into Clinton Trade Hypocrisy - Clinton Campaign Responds With More Deception

| Posted 04.30.2008 | Politics

This is a pristine example of Clintonian deception. First comes the pander, then revelation that the whole thing was originally brought about by the Clinton administration, and finally there's the lying.