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Entries by David Sirota from 08/2008

The 5 Best Political Films for a Dose of Sanity

| Posted 08.01.2008 | Politics

I tend to use films as a vehicle for escapism. That's quintessentially American: As the Baltimore Sun reports, in five of the past seven recessions, box office sales have jumped.

Is It Really So Difficult to Do Actual Reporting?

| Posted 08.03.2008 | Media

Michael Gerson's column suggesting Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter for vice-president is the latest example of someone paid to report the facts actually refusing to do 5 minutes of work to, ya know, report the facts.

Back Where The Uprising Started

| Posted 08.06.2008 | Politics
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This is the last stop - and therefore the last post - on my 2+ month book tour. It ends where my book begins: in Montana. That's appropriate - this ...

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Denver...

| Posted 08.08.2008 | Politics

I've been doing book events in Montana this week, and one thing I've been telling every crowd is how important they will be in changing the direction ...

The Difference Between Movements and Parties

| Posted 08.12.2008 | Politics
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There is a big difference between movement ideology and pure partisanship - a difference pretty well spelled out in today's story about Evan Bayh in t...

Fox News Debate: Is Iraq Important? What About Conservative Sex Scandals?

| Posted 08.13.2008 | Politics

Earlier this week, I put my brave face on and appeared not once, but twice on Fox News -- once in their Election Headquarters' segment, another time on Hannity & Colmes.

Will Obama Wave Bayh Bye to the White House?

| Posted 08.15.2008 | Politics

The problem with a "safe" VP pick is that it creates a separate danger -- namely, the nomination of someone who fails to energize voters and refuses to put the heat on the opposing ticket.

Seizing the "Obama Moment:" Which Side Are We On?

| Posted 08.20.2008 | Politics

We must realize that while elections are important, constant pressure against both parties has always been the only force that makes real progress.

McCain Campaign Cites America's Richest County As Proof Trade/Econ Policies Are Working

| Posted 08.21.2008 | Politics

FYI - As part of the Campaign for America's Future's new weekly Trade Report, we caught this snippet from Virgina. Yes, that's right, the McCain campa...

The Conquest of Presidentialism

| Posted 08.22.2008 | Politics

If the Founding Fathers could see us all now, they would be appalled. As America has been trained to treat the presidency as a royal throne, we have s...

What Biden Means

| Posted 08.23.2008 | Politics

Obama's willingness to anoint a senator who voted for the Bankruptcy Bill and Iraq War gives us some disturbing clues about his attitude toward the economic progressive movement and the antiwar movement.

Convention Eve: Kaine's Geography Lesson, The People Party's HQ & Connective Tissue

| Posted 08.25.2008 | Politics

I'm just home from the first unofficial day of the convention (officially, the event starts tomorrow). I'll give you a blow-by-blow of my day, and som...

Convention Dispatch: Does It Always Have to Be About the Clintons?

| Posted 08.25.2008 | Politics

The Clintons are doing everything they can to make this convention all about them -- and to absolve themselves from the substantive criticism of both Clintonism and Bill Clinton's behavior on the campaign.

Convention Dispatch: Kennedy & The Rise of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party

| Posted 08.26.2008 | Politics

Thankfully, the millions of rank-and-file citizens who comprise the Democratic Party have finally answered the age-old question: Which side are you on?

Convention Dispatch: Schweitzer Hits the National Stage

| Posted 08.27.2008 | Politics

The kind of rural populism and left-right coalition building that Schweitzer is pioneering may have gotten some national attention last night, but it's been a powerful political force for a few years now.

Convention Dispatch: Dinner with the Ruling Class, Lunch In the Police State

| Posted 08.28.2008 | Politics

Nearly everyone I have talked to in my reporting during this convention has told me how disgusted they are at the city's authoritarian response to what is supposed to be a celebration of democracy.

Obama Speech: Convention Address Makes Economic Populism Central Thrust of Election 2008

| Posted 08.28.2008 | Politics

The speech is probably the most populist national speech Obama has given. I have wondered why it has taken him this long to get back to this language that he used in the Democratic primary.

At First Glance, Palin Is A Smart Choice

| Posted 08.29.2008 | Politics

Here's four reasons why this is a pretty smart choice -- and for progressives, I think its a good idea that we look at these factors as we head into the final stretch of the campaign.