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Entries by David Sirota from 10/2008

Turning a Wall Street Giveaway Into an Economic Rescue for All Americans

| Posted 10.01.2008 | Politics

After 16 years of aggressive deregulation, the country has figured out that when the Establishment joins in unison to back something for Wall Street, it means taxpayers are about to get fleeced.

From Democracy to Crazy-ocracy...And Back Again?

| Posted 10.02.2008 | Politics

Over the last few days, I've explored a number of explanations as to why Congress seems determined to pass a wildly unpopular Wall Street giveaway a...

Bailout Is Capitalism Murdering Democracy

| Posted 10.03.2008 | Politics

The Wall Street bailout bill is a lot of things -- a giveaway, a heist, a legislative manifestation of crony corruption. But it's structure is pure authoritarian capitalism.

Hanging Ourselves With a Chinese-Made Rope

| Posted 10.07.2008 | Politics

Nobody is against trade. Nobody. Though "free" traders say that anyone opposing their agenda is "anti-trade" that's just not all. Fair traders are for vigorous trade, just with a different set of rules.

Forcing Paulson to Be a Businessman, Not a Crony Communist

| Posted 10.10.2008 | Business

Those of us who opposed the bailout said, the way to deal with a credit crisis is to actually, ya know, deal with a credit crisis, and not use it to enrich Wall Street executives.

What Joe the Plumber Really Means

| Posted 10.16.2008 | Politics

Our democracy is kabuki theater, replete with symbolic archetypal Americans, used as scapegoats (Reagan's "welfare queens"), for fearmongering (Harry & Louise) and now as mythic idols (Joe the Plumber).

Signs of a Political Earthquake in Oregon

| Posted 10.17.2008 | Politics

A Democratic U.S. Senate that included Jeff Merkley as one of its stars would have a much more difficult time rubber stamping the corporate-written trade policies.

A Reminder About Colin Powell...

| Posted 10.18.2008 | Politics

Just a little note on Colin Powell, who many believe will appear on Meet the Press to endorse Barack Obama this weekend. If this happens, the elite me...

Here Comes the Onslaught

| Posted 10.19.2008 | Media

From a pure journalism perspective, it is stunning that the editor-in-chief of a supposed "news" magazine is writing cover pieces that read like cheap Republican Party direct mail, and ignore empirical data.

Treasury Blacks Out Key Parts of Private Bailout Contracts

| Posted 10.19.2008 | Politics

Our government is blacking out the parts of public contracts that explain how much taxpayer cash private contractors are going to be paid. Perhaps this is what Paulson meant when he promised transparency.

The Powell Endorsement

| Posted 10.20.2008 | Politics

Powell's endorsement gives Obama a small bump, but it doesn't give him a huge positive boost on deeper foreign policy issues because Powell has destroyed his own credibility.

Memo to Fox News & the GOP: America Has the Second-Lowest Business Taxes In the World

| Posted 10.21.2008 | Business

When you look at America's tax structure correctly, you see that even the Bush Treasury Dept. admits we have the second lowest effective corporate tax rate in the industrialized world.

Bush Treasury Dept. Redacts More Bailout Contracts

| Posted 10.23.2008 | Business

This suggests to me is that even parts of the Establishment and the business community are waking to how the intersection of kleptocracy and this bailout bill could continue to undermine confidence in the economy.

John McCain Is Barack Obama's New Deal Mandate-Maker

| Posted 10.24.2008 | Politics

While Obama has offered up a progressive-though-moderate agenda slightly to the left of Clinton-ish neoliberalism, McCain has gone totally ideological.

Colorado's Katherine Harris Threatens the '08 Election

| Posted 10.25.2008 | Politics

We've got our own Katherine Harris here -- and a careful look at the news suggests he's moving to game this election in a state that could be the Florida of 2008.

The Moment Obama Grabbed 100,000 Coloradoans

| Posted 10.26.2008 | Politics

The best part -- the part where the audience was most silent and rapt -- was when Obama veered off his prepared remarks and made it personal.

The GOP's "Nah Nah Nah Can't Hear You!" Argument

| Posted 10.27.2008 | Politics

Obviously, the Right understands what's really going on in America -- and is working to reinterpret that reality.

The Potential Progressive Mandate*

| Posted 10.28.2008 | Politics

Would a mandate embolden the progressive movement to pressure a President Obama to reach farther than his own more incrementalist impulses may initially lead him to reach?

Should an Obama Presidency Be Bill Clinton's Third Term?

| Posted 10.30.2008 | Politics

The hope is with a big enough election mandate, Obama will feel more empowered to sweep out the Clintonites and start fresh -- both in terms of personnel, and in terms of ideology.

Dems Kick Off Battle for Their Own Party

| Posted 10.30.2008 | Politics

That's not an Onion headline, that's what's really going on, according to the Wall Street Journal's article today about the coming battle for the soul...

Dem Rep. Davis Defends Endangered GOPer & Attacks Fellow Dem Over Bailout Bill

| Posted 10.30.2008 | Politics

Seems to me Rep. Artur Davis (D) just made himself a big contender for a primary in 2010. Davis, as you can see from this Birmingham News story, has d...

Mandate '08: Reagan vs. Roosevelt

| Posted 10.31.2008 | Politics

In the last week, I've been making the point anywhere I can that the 2008 election's ideological turn has all but guaranteed a major mandate for the n...