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Entries by David Sirota from 12/2008

Our Dear Leader

| Posted 12.01.2008 | Politics

Lots of folks are expressing concern over Barack Obama's appointments, and in my new newspaper column I offer three separate thoughts on the worries: ...

The Real Rivalry In the Team: The Cabinet vs. The Campaign Promises

| Posted 12.02.2008 | Politics

Obama's team will likely mean constant if subtle pressure on him to water down his policies. In short, he won't be surrounded by yes men -- he'll be surrounded by no men.

Mandate Watch: Obama Backs Off Promise to Pass Windfall Profits Tax on Big Oil

| Posted 12.03.2008 | Politics

If oil prices are down and oil industry profits are truly down, what's the harm in passing a windfall profits tax?

Chris Matthews' Insult to Pennsylvania Voters

| Posted 12.04.2008 | Media

He really thinks he can just parachute into one of the largest states in the country, buy a mansion in Philadelphia and be a senator on sheer celebrity alone.

The Mystifying Persistence of Dear Leader-ism

| Posted 12.05.2008 | Politics

Back in October, I wrote a column about how the economic pressure to compete against foreign autocracies was pushing our political system to subjugate...

The Politico's Jayson Blair

| Posted 12.07.2008 | Media

Jonathan Martin's claims about Obama in Politico on Sunday are outrageous lies by a self-serving "reporter" looking to get his story on the front page of Drudge.

Gov't Studies Say Progressives Were Right, Beltway Was Wrong

| Posted 12.15.2008 | Politics

Remember when progressives protested the 2005 bankruptcy bill? A new report says that bill is playing a decisive role in the foreclosure surge that undermined our entire economy.

In a Recession, Should States Raise Taxes Or Slash Spending?

| Posted 12.16.2008 | Politics
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I appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto yesterday to talk taxes. This follows my recent CNBC debate with Grover Norquist on the same issue just a ...

Maddow: Did America Get Punked On the Bailout? Yes...Now Here's What to Do

| Posted 12.17.2008 | Politics

We have to pressure, cajole, lambaste and downright humiliate Wall Street stooges on Capitol Hill who claim nothing can be done.

Potential Huge Differences Between Colorado Senate Candidates Have National Implications

| Posted 12.18.2008 | Politics

The lobbying among Democratic politicos here in Colorado for Ken Salazar's soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat is fast and furious. The Denver Post's front-...

We Were Punked

| Posted 12.20.2008 | Politics

What I and other bailout opponents have been saying is that bailout backers sensationalized a real problem to create the belief that if we didn't do something unfathomably unprecedented, the world would end.

Four Holiday Gift Ideas for Progressives

| Posted 12.21.2008 | Style

If you're a procrastinator like me, then you're frantically scurrying at the last minute to pick up holiday gifts for friends and family. So let me suggest four great gifts for any progressives you know.

Viva Las Vegas?

| Posted 12.22.2008 | Politics

The week before last, I traveled to Las Vegas for the annual Progressive States Network/EARN conference for state legislators. It was a great event - ...

Maddow Busts Morgan Stanley Board Member for Lack of Transparency

| Posted 12.24.2008 | Media

In the name of transparency, Rachel Maddow went back and clarified that a bailout-justifying guest of hers actually had a blatant conflict of interest.

Fox News: "Historians Pretty Much Agree" That FDR Prolonged the Great Depression

| Posted 12.25.2008 | Media

If the right wants to try to stop a serious economic recovery package by trying to vilify one of the most popular policy programs in American history, then I'll say what George Bush once said: Bring it on.