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Entries by David Sirota from 03/2009

Threatening to End Reid's Career in 2010: The Best Chance to Pass EFCA

| Posted 03.03.2009 | Politics

We could make a very simple proposal to Reid. He can either schedule the votes for Employee Free Choice Act or end his political career knowing that organized labor will put $2 or $3 million into a third-party candidate.

Polls Show Big Majority Trust Obama - Fox News & Bill Kristol Say America Doesn't Trust Obama

| Posted 03.05.2009 | Politics

It is absurd to blame a 44-day-old presidency on market forces that three decades of conservative policies created. But that's the extent of the GOP's talking points today.

On Health Care, For It Before They Were Against It

| Posted 03.13.2009 | Politics

The health insurance industry has underwritten the GOP for years -- to the point where it can get the party to contradict its most basic philosophies.

Economic Credibility Gap: Obama Defies His Own Economic Team, Demands Move to Block AIG Bonuses

| Posted 03.16.2009 | Politics

Obama's public contradiction of Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers raises a very serious question: Who is in charge -- the president or the Washington and Wall Street insiders he put around himself?

Lying Or Incompetent - Either Way, Geithner Needs to Be Fired

| Posted 03.18.2009 | Politics

I've never been a fan of Tim Geithner, but only today have I gotten to the point where I think it's clear he needs to be fired. Why? He's proven he is either lying to the public or totally incompetent.

Economic Credibility Gap: Obama Says People Are Angry About AIG, Axelrod Says No One Cares

| Posted 03.19.2009 | Politics

On the biggest economic issues of the day, the administration is saying contradictory things, raising questions about who is really in charge in the administration.

The Politics of the Populist Moment

| Posted 03.20.2009 | Politics

I appeared on ABC's World News Tonight and ABC's Nightline last night about the economic meltdown. You can watch the Nightline clip here. As I've w...

The Economic Double Standard

| Posted 03.23.2009 | Politics
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We all know that despite the rhetoric that fills our political debate, there are two standards in this country: The standard for the very wealthy, and...

Why Not Bank CEOs?

| Posted 03.30.2009 | Politics

I am curious why the White House would make such a bold demand of a car company the federal government is lending to, but not a similar demand of the banks the federal government partially owns?

The Bailout Double Standard And The Revival Of Reaganism

| Posted 03.31.2009 | Politics

Obama took some flack last year for seeming to idealize The Gipper. I think we're seeing that they previewed an effort to emulate Reagan's tactics -- in particular, when it comes to bailouts.