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Entries by David Sirota from 05/2009

Who Is Lying -- Barack Obama or Sen. Michael Bennet?

| Posted 05.05.2009 | Politics

The president has said -- and continues to say -- he supports cramdown, but as Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet's (D) office told the Denver Post, the Obama administration signaled it wanted the Senate to stop the cramdown bill.

Piggish Capitalism - The Connection Between Swine Flu Outbreaks & Wall Street's Meltdown

| Posted 05.08.2009 | Politics

Let's say you have a diversified industry of small, medium and large sized firms. Let's say you then gut anti-trust enforcement, eviscerate regulation...

Why Is Washington, D.C. So Afraid to Even Talk About Single Payer?

| Posted 05.18.2009 | Politics

The fact that the Washington Establishment is doing everything to stop single payer suggests that Establishment is genuinely frightened of any proposal that takes on the health insurance industry.

"V" - The Right's New Favorite TV Show, Or Inadvertent Proof of The Ubiquity of The Right's Fables?

| Posted 05.21.2009 | Politics
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I've heard that Battlestar Galactica is a favorite of neoconservatives for its supposedly metaphorical allusions to Bush foreign policy. I've never se...

Sotomayor Confirmation Fight as Vehicle for Discussion of Race, Class, Gender and Privilege

| Posted 05.27.2009 | Politics

Because her confirmation fight will likely pivot on discussions of her statements on race, class, gender and privilege, those issues -- usually shoved to the side -- will be on the national stage.

CNN Clip: Not Taking Sh*t From Right-Wing Gas Bags On "Law and Order" Issues

| Posted 05.28.2009 | Media

After Chris Plante repeats his talking points for the third time, I kinda went off. I'm not sure I should have gotten so in his face, but frankly, I'm sick and tired of right-wing No Talent Ass Clowns.