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Entries by David Sirota from 08/2009

Taboo Alert: The Real -- And Most Disturbing -- News In the Olbermann-O'Reilly Feud

| Posted 08.03.2009 | Media

The real story in the Olbermann-O'Reilly feud is the heavy-handed intervention by the CEO of General Electric effectively forcing MSNBC's news team off a crucially important set of stories.

MSNBC to Continue Allowing a Corporate Spokesman On Air as a "Political Analyst"

| Posted 08.03.2009 | Media

Are we really to believe there is such a dearth of actual, independent political analysts out there that the network is all but compelled to use Richard Wolffe paid corporate PR consultant?

Olbermann's Non-Denial and His Good Move

| Posted 08.04.2009 | Media

Olbermann's lack of involvement in a "deal" between MSNBC and Fox is far less important than the simple fact that GE tried to give blatant news-content orders to MSNBC's newsroom.

Olbermann's New and Conflicting Statements Fan Flames of GE-MSNBC-Fox Controversy

| Posted 08.04.2009 | Media

The problem of corporate control of the media is so big, there's no way Olbermann could avoid it, despite his protests to the contrary last night. Indeed, his new statement today seems to confirm this very reality.

Tales from the Lobotomy Ward: The Stupidest Republican Talking Point I've Heard in a Long Time

| Posted 08.05.2009 | Politics

It's moronic for conservatives to believe that they will derail a proposed universal health care system by likening it to a program whose only problem is that the public loves it far too much.

CNN Dives Head First into Television Payola

| Posted 08.05.2009 | Media

In the age of Television Payola, regular "news" contributors never have to choose between television time and corporate shilling -- the shills get the best of both while the audience loses.

The Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd

| Posted 08.07.2009 | Politics

The furor of the teabaggers is finally laying bare the greed and selfishness at the heart of the conservative movement. Here, I debunk the major myths coming from the Right on taxes.

The Conservative Movement Has Launched World War Z

| Posted 08.10.2009 | Politics

We're way beyond laughing at people who believe reality has a liberal bias. These people aren't funny -- they are scary, and they should be seen as a threat that needs to be confronted.

Conservative Idol: Health Care and the Fox News Incentive System

| Posted 08.11.2009 | Politics

To understand how Fox News crosses the line from right-leaning news outlet into partisan propaganda machine, look no further than how the network is driving the health care debate.

Threatening a Class War If Billionaires Have to Pay the Same Tax Rates As Janitors

| Posted 08.13.2009 | Politics

Despite the patina of "objectivity" imparted by a Washington Post byline, we see that many people delivering the news are themselves purveyors of the most extreme conservative ideology.

Don't You Forget About Him

| Posted 08.14.2009 | Politics

We have become masters of creating mythic gods out of anchormen, actors and politicians. What John Hughes' films all do is remind the world that mere mortals also have intrinsic value.

"Barely Squeaking By On $300,000 A Year"

| Posted 08.17.2009 | Politics

What's fascinating is not how incredibly out of touch with Middle American reality the super wealthy are, but how willing the media are to promote the super wealthy's whines as legitimate and justified.

AM760 Interview: Perlmutter Says He Doesn't Know If He'll Vote for Health Care Without Pub Option

| Posted 08.17.2009 | Politics

During our health care discussion this morning on my AM760 drive-time show here in Colorado, we focused in on the public option and President Obama's ...

The Obama Double Standard

| Posted 08.20.2009 | Politics

This is what you get from a White House that is run by Rahm Emanuel and former Baucus staffer (and famous corporate bum-licker) Jim Messina: A White House that plays hardball, but only with progressives.

Freedom from Fear

| Posted 08.21.2009 | Politics

The rise of gun-toting protesters at town hall meetings has put citizens' right to bear arms in direct conflict with their right to attend public political meetings without fear of physical retribution.

Health Care Puts Progressives on the Verge of Changing the Power Dynamic

| Posted 08.25.2009 | Politics

While they aren't going to get us all the way to single payer, Congress may deliver us a public option that represents genuine progress. It all depends on us.

How to Talk About the Renomination of Ben Bernanke

| Posted 08.26.2009 | Politics

Just because the media and Obama say Bernanke was responsible for "avoiding a depression," don't simply accept that as truth.

It's Not a "Free Market" System When Taxpayers Are Financing the Profits

| Posted 08.27.2009 | Politics

Obama praising banks for being "profitable in a free market system" is like him transferring $1 million into my bank account, then sending me a letter for having mustered the brilliance to earn $1 million.

Health Insurance Exec Admits Her Industry Rations Care: "We Believe In Controlling Utilization"

| Posted 08.28.2009 | Politics

Reality is right there in black and white for all to see.