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Entries by David Sirota from 12/2009

Selective Deficit Disorder and the Zombie Lie Machine

| Posted 12.01.2009 | Politics

That's what Douthat does -- perpetuates the zombie lie that spending on anything vaguely progressive is at least as much to blame for bankrupting the nation as spending on corporate largesse, à la the Wall Street bailout.

Some Simple Questions After Obama's Afghanistan War Speech

| Posted 12.01.2009 | Politics

Where's the antiwar movement and the marches and the organizing and the protesting? Where are all those well-funded groups that protested George W. Bush's war policy?

Citing Your Enrollment At Harvard As Proof There's No American Health Care Crisis

| Posted 12.02.2009 | Politics

I know what you are thinking - you are thinking that the headline of this post is a joke. But it's not. It's not at all. Watch my CNN debate over Afgh...

How Do You Ask Someone to Be the Last to Die for President Obama's Political Image?

| Posted 12.03.2009 | Politics

It is possible that President Obama is risking the lives of 100,000 troops with no intention of actually waging the counterinsurgency strategy he publicly says is necessary.

Obama Admits We Can't Have Guns and Butter -- Then Chooses Guns

| Posted 12.07.2009 | Politics

During the Vietnam War, it became clear that America could not afford to simultaneously wage war on poverty and wage war in Vietnam. The parallel to where we are now should be obvious.

Moving the Senate Banking Committee to "No" on Bernanke

| Posted 12.08.2009 | Politics

Thanks to a bipartisan effort to stop the reappointment of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, there's a slim -- but distinct -- possibility that his reappointment can actually be successfully thwarted.

The Demoralized Democratic Base

| Posted 12.09.2009 | Politics

New polls show much of the erosion in support for Democrats' health care effort is coming from the progressive base that believes Democrats have compromised away too much to the insurance industry.

Breaking A Progressive Into Radio - Right Here In the Great American Heatland

| Posted 12.10.2009 | Politics

In the world of traditional media, it's not all that common for movement progressives to get a platform, which is why I wanted to tell everyone the go...

Preventing Political Moral Hazard Means Stopping Bernanke

| Posted 12.11.2009 | Politics

Bernanke has been called "the definition of moral hazard" because if he is confirmed, it will send a message to all other federal regulators that they can fall down on the job and still get promoted.

Obama and the Ghost of Vietnam-Era Politics

| Posted 12.14.2009 | Politics

Those who insist President Obama must reflexively rubber stamp the demands for escalation might do well to remember a bit of this history, as Dave Obey suggests.

When Julia Became Julie, Content Lost Its Throne

| Posted 12.15.2009 | Media

Publishers didn't call Julie Powell because her blog was so well written or the Internet equivalent of Child's genuine masterpiece, but because the New York Times - by journalistic fiat - had said Julie Powell is now famous and now has a platform.

Lyndon Baines Lieberman

| Posted 12.16.2009 | Politics

Joe Lieberman is the single most powerful Senate force since Lyndon Johnson's Master of the Senate days. And his power teaches an important lesson to us all.

Howard Dean, Movement Leader

| Posted 12.17.2009 | Politics

Dean is threatening to change the dynamic that the Beltway was always counting on -- a dynamic that relied on progressives ultimately capitulating to the Joe Liebermans, the Rahm Emanuels, the insurance industry and the drug lobbyists.

Dorgan Accuses White House of Unethically Politicizing Safety Warnings From the FDA

| Posted 12.17.2009 | Politics

It's one thing for the White House to oppose or a measure. But if the White House political staff played ventriloquist for a science/safety declaration from the FDA, that's a huge problem.

The "Candidate vs. President" Canard

| Posted 12.18.2009 | Politics

A politician who deliberately breaks policy promises should not be forgiven, because campaign promises in a republican democracy are sacred. As my column shows, that's what happened this week on health care.

White House Drug Importation/PhRMA Deal Scandal Thickens with New Contradictions...

| Posted 12.18.2009 | Politics

NOTE: For background on this scandal, see this and this previous post. TPM has a new story up about the now-thickening drug importation scandal - and...

The Three Assumptions Driving the Push to Pass the Insurance/Drug Industry Health Bill

| Posted 12.19.2009 | Politics

The president and the Democratic leadership has wanted to pass an insurance/drug industry giveaway from the beginning, and then happily declare some great victory on behalf of the little guy.

The Long-Term Value of Insisting The Health Bill Is Not Enough

| Posted 12.20.2009 | Politics

Our role should be to continue demanding improvements with tactics as cutthroat and as intense as those being used by the insurance industry.

White House (Re)commits to Pushing Drug Importation

| Posted 12.21.2009 | Politics

A bipartisan bill that would have allowed the import of low-cost pharmaceuticals from Canada and Europe has been defeated by Big Pharma and the White House.

Are Progressives "Special Interests Who've Prevented Health Care Reform for Decades"?

| Posted 12.21.2009 | Politics

"By standing up to the special interests -- who've prevented reform for decades, and who are furiously lobbying against it now -- the Senate has moved...

On Individual Mandates

| Posted 12.22.2009 | Politics

I agree with with those who note the danger of progressives attacking individual mandates in the health care bill, and how such attacks could be const...

On Health Care Promises, I Agree With Obama: "We ARE Tired" (VIDEO)

| Posted 12.23.2009 | Politics

There's a lot of righteous - and rightful - outrage that President Obama is now blatantly lying about his campaign promise to give every American a ch...

60+ House Democrats Say "Any" Health Bill With No Public Option Is "Unacceptable"

| Posted 12.24.2009 | Politics

The battle over the public option isn't over. Somehow, everyone's forgotten that 60+ House Democrats signed a letter demanding it just a few months ago.

What Happens When We Can't Trust the Media/Economic Verifiers?

| Posted 12.28.2009 | Media
Read More: Media News

While we'll never fully snuff out spin, we can at least secure the facts behind a given issue. The type of misinformation that took us to Iraq continues to influence our societal decision-making.