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Entries by David Sirota from 01/2010

Why It's Bad News That the Health Care Conference Committee Will Be Held in Secret

| Posted 01.05.2010 | Politics

Politicians do things because they are forced to do things, not out of the goodness of their own hearts, and if there ever is a secret plan, it's usually to pull one over on the public.

On Health Care, the Church of the Savvy Now Rails on the Concepts of Transparency and Accountability

| Posted 01.06.2010 | Politics

Those who are arguing that Obama's promise-breaking is acceptable and not newsworthy are deftly presenting their conservative, Establishment-coddling propaganda in the most effective way: As allegedly "progressive."

GOP Rep. Mike Coffman Says Single-Payer Government Health Care "Works"

| Posted 01.07.2010 | Politics

There's no other way to read this story from Politics Daily and the Denver Post than to read it as Colorado Republican Rep. Mike Coffman admitting tha...

After Helping Gordon Gekko Evade the SEC, Will Geithner Finally Now Be Fired?

| Posted 01.07.2010 | Politics

It's appalling to learn that one government agency was actively encouraging a private corporation to withhold information from another government agency.

The Threat of Tone Deafness

| Posted 01.08.2010 | Politics

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is basing his potential gubernatorial run on his belief that "there should be a lot more people in government who come out of the business community." To say this is tone deaf is an understatement.

Stunning Comments from the White House on the Burgeoning Geithner/AIG Scandal

| Posted 01.08.2010 | Politics

As a follow up to yesterday's explosive news, check out today's an amazing - and hideous - interchange between CNN reporter Ed Henry and White House p...

Access and Stenographic Journalism in the Obama Era

| Posted 01.11.2010 | Media

The results of the Bush era are obvious -- it was the triumph of the stenographic model. With the Obama administration, is the same dynamic at play?

Harold Ford Tries Out For a Staff Writer Job at The Onion

| Posted 01.13.2010 | New York

I'm convinced that an op-ed by Harold Ford, Jr. is actually an Onion article. I mean, it simply cannot be a genuinely serious article by a human being, much less a supposed "smart" politician.

Will Obama Now Fulfill His Windfall Profits Tax Promise?

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Politics

In 2008, President-elect Obama proposed a windfall profit tax on oil companies. When oil later dropped below $80/barrel, his staff declared the tax was unnecessary. But this week, oil rose above the $80 mark again. What next?

Dems Inadvertently Suggest a Coakley Loss Would Strengthen Progressives on Health Care

| Posted 01.18.2010 | Politics

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen is now saying that if Democrats lose the Massachusetts Senate election tomorrow, the party will consider using reconciliation to pass the health care bill.

Though Obviously Hypocritical, GOP Has Chance to Outflank Dems on Health Care Populism

| Posted 01.19.2010 | Politics

A populist health care argument is obviously disingenuous coming from Republicans as the GOP has been shilling for the insurance industry for years. However, that doesn't mean it won't be powerful.

It's Not Mere Cynicism or Demoralization - More Likely, It's Humiliation and Alienation

| Posted 01.19.2010 | Politics

After the unfortunate results of the Massachusetts senate race tonight, it's clear that feelings of demoralization are particularly intense because they are rooted in the most powerful emotion of all: humiliation.

The Village: Wash Post Reporter Covering (and Deploring) K Street Becomes Corporate Lobbyist

| Posted 01.20.2010 | Politics

What, you ask, do political writers really mean when they refer to "The Village"? What does that political term mean in practice, rather than in theor...

Democratic Corporatism Has Brought Reagan's Corpse Back to Life

| Posted 01.22.2010 | Politics

The resurgence of anti-tax and anti-government messages revival is not due to Republican brilliance, but to Democrats conflating government with the most hated corporations in the land.

Sen. Sanders Says Obama Is Putting His Credibility On the Line by Criticizing Wall Street, Pushing Bernanke

| Posted 01.25.2010 | Politics

There's an increasing -- if still unlikely -- chance that enough rogue Senate Democrats will finally join with rank-and-file Republicans to vote down Ben Bernanke's renomination.

If This Becomes the Face of the Democratic Party, Say Goodbye to the Democratic Party

| Posted 01.28.2010 | Chicago

If Alexi Giannoulias is the winner of the Democratic primary, we can expect to hear for the next year about how the Democratic Party is so corrupt it is now promoting a scandal-plagued banker to fill Obama's old Senate seat.

Our Addiction to Disaster Porn

| Posted 01.29.2010 | Media

The coverage from Haiti is disaster porn -- it's completely exploitative and voyeuristic, rather than contextualized to tell the larger story of the tragedy of Haiti that has always existed.