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Entries by David Sirota from 02/2010

Anti-Tax Bastion Colorado Springs Shows What America Would Look Like If Conservatives Have Their Way

| Posted 02.02.2010 | Denver

To know the stakes are high, just look at perhaps the single most conservative, anti-tax and anti-government bastion in America -- Colorado Springs.

Hickenlooper In the AM760 Progressive Dojo

| Posted 02.04.2010 | Denver

We covered a lot of ground -- taxes, business influence on government, drug policy reform, job development, and his views on unionization in light of news that Colorado's union rate declined.

The Case for Choosing Life

| Posted 02.05.2010 | Politics

Voters are being asked to choose between tax hikes on the wealthy and massive spending cuts for basic social services. That is, they are being asked to choose between economic life and death.

The Eternal Delusions of the Right-Wing Mind

| Posted 02.07.2010 | Denver

The right will desperately paint the biggest of big government as "limited government," attempt to change the subject, and then - preposterously - argue that it's somehow a "slur" to argue something that the right quietly concedes.

Future Shock and Unplanned Obsolescence

| Posted 02.08.2010 | Entertainment

As some of you know, I'm working on a book right now about the television, movies, toys, video games and pop culture that I - and every Gen Xer - grew...

What Air America Tells Us About the Difference Between Conservative and Liberal Benefactors

| Posted 02.09.2010 | Media

Too many progressive media voices believe the average media consumer makes a distinction between "political" content and "non-political" content, and that the way to match the right is to simply yell louder.

Colorado Springs and "Limited Government"

| Posted 02.09.2010 | Denver

One of every three people living in the Colorado Springs area "depends directly or indirectly upon the military" -- i.e., upon the government. And yet, conservatives tell us that Colorado Springs represents the success of "limited government."

Confirming Right-Wing Zombie Lies: Obama's Budget Freeze

| Posted 02.12.2010 | Politics

Republicans and conservative Democrats have wholly distorted the budget debate to the point where we rarely ever discuss key problems.

Let's Not Help the Right Manufacture a Perception That Creates an Alternative Reality

| Posted 02.15.2010 | Politics

I have shifted from focusing on Republicans and the conservative/Tea Party movement during the Bush era to focusing more on Democrats and the progressive movement because this is no longer the Bush era -- Democrats are in power.

Obama's Military and DEA Rogues Gone Wild

| Posted 02.19.2010 | Politics

In pitching his Afghan escalation plan, Gen. McChrystal went rogue, preemptively leaking his request to the media, then delivering a public address telling Obama to immediately follow his orders.

$250,000 A Year Is Not Middle Class Anywhere In America

| Posted 02.22.2010 | Politics

Media voices perpetuate these myths of the impoverished wealthy, in part, because many media voices are themselves wealthy -- and there's no more powerful class solidarity than that which exists among the rich.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

| Posted 02.24.2010 | Politics

Young voters see in the politician who told them not to be cynical the very politician archetype that originally made them cynical in the first place.

Glenn Beck's Message: It Is Happening Here

| Posted 02.26.2010 | Politics

Let's pause and give thanks to Glenn Beck. No, seriously -- that's what he's due.