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Entries by David Sirota from 03/2010

Where Is Mark Udall On the Public Option?

| Posted 03.03.2010 | Denver

Is Udall's refusal to sign onto the Bennet public option letter more than an oversight? I honestly don't know -- it's hard to tell, but the questions are clearly worth asking as the final battle takes shape.

Like Bush, Obama Moves to Bury Bad Economic Data

| Posted 03.03.2010 | Politics
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Apparently, no matter which party is in power, when bad news hits, the response is bury the news -- don't address the actual problem.

What's the Matter With Democrats?

| Posted 03.19.2010 | Politics

Fear-mongering has prompted left-leaning pundits to bless the health care bill, giving Democratic activists mindless reasons that everyone should shut up and fall in line ("Krugman supports it!").

Will Romanoff's Move Put the Public Option Back On the Table?

| Posted 03.19.2010 | Politics

Colorado Senate Democratic candidate Romanoff issued a statement that will put pressure on his primary opponent to add the public option to the health care reform bill. Will other primary challengers follow suit?

Earth to Sen. Bennet: You Now Have Absolutely No Reason to Not Offer the Public Option Amendment

| Posted 03.23.2010 | Politics

Increasingly, it looks like Bennet is trying to trick Colorado Democratic primary voters and appease the insurance industry at the same time. But will Colorado voters be fooled?

Senate Bill Going Back to the House - Can We Now Get a Public Option Vote?

| Posted 03.25.2010 | Denver

I ask what we asked yesterday at our rally at Sen. Bennet's office: Will our senator now fulfill his promise to push a public option using reconciliation? Or are we going to get yet another ridiculous excuse?