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Entries by David Sirota from 02/2011

Key Investors Tout Immelt as Vehicle for Corporations to Sculpt Obama's Economic Policy

| Posted 02.01.2011 | Politics

For Obama, appointing the CEO of General Electric to a top administration postion isn't about creating jobs. No, this is about cold hard cash -- and campaign contributions in specific.

How Money Has Framed the Egypt Debate

| Posted 02.02.2011 | World

Money buys the language that confine our political debate within narrow parameters. It frames the Egyptian situation as a choice between "pragmatism" (backing the dictator) and potential terrorism (allowing Egyptians to elect their own government).

America's Dictator Addiction

| Posted 02.03.2011 | Politics

If we perpetuate the cycle of dictator addiction by continuing to so forcefully back all those other dictatorships around the globe beyond Egypt, we will be helping guarantee other overdoses in the future.

Idiocracy By the Numbers: New Data Show Many Americans Have No Idea They Receive Government Benefits

| Posted 02.10.2011 | Politics

America today is what Idiocracy looks like in practice -- a nation whose politics is inspired by "greed is good" self-interest, but whose voters often don't even know what "self-interest" actually is.

Hickenlooper's Class Solidarity

| Posted 02.15.2011 | Denver

While Colorado's new governor campaigned on promises of being an education governor, he has just proposed historically massive cuts to its already comparatively underfunded public schools.

Five '80s Flicks That Explain How the '80s Still Define Our World

| Posted 02.28.2011 | Politics

Here are five classic flicks that show how the 1980s still shapes our thinking on government, the "rogue," militarism, race, and even our not-so-distant past.