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Entries by David Wild from 08/2009

Born In The U.S.A.: My Ethical Workout Tape Playlist for CNN's Pride And Joy, Lou Dobbs

| Posted 08.03.2009 | Media

I'm no Birther, so I thought that maybe I could try to talk a little sense to Mister Lou Dobbs in the only way that I know how: with a goofy but totally grooving playlist here on Huffington Post.

"Forever Your Girl": A Playlist for Paula Abdul, My American Idol

| Posted 08.05.2009 | Entertainment

Paula is always interesting, and her presence as a constant if wonderfully unstable element has helped make American Idol the remarkable phenomenon that it's become.

"Idiot Wind": A Mind-Expanding Playlist for Glenn Beck

| Posted 08.07.2009 | Media

Glenn Beck started out as a Top 40 DJ, so on behalf of all the lefties out there who are busy ruining this great nation, here's my personal playlist for this fallen jockey who just keeps steering to the right.

My Farewell Post: Why I've Decided To Stop Blogging. Tweeting Or Even Talking To You

| Posted 08.11.2009 | Entertainment

For the next few days, I feel it's important to focus on my family and first and foremost boring the people who really love me. So that is why you won't be hearing from me this week.

Dancing Fool: A Moving Playlist For Tom DeLay, Our 'Dancing' Star With Two Right Feet

| Posted 08.19.2009 | Entertainment

Watching Tom DeLay disgrace himself and the United States Congress over the years, I distinctly remember thinking, "Sure, he's ethically challenged, but can he dance?"

Hello It's Me, Todd Rundgren: A Digital Chat With a Wizard, a True Star

| Posted 08.23.2009 | Entertainment

I hit up Todd Rundgren, the brilliantly talented singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer-arranger and part-time cult superstar, with a few questions about this upcoming theatrical endeavor.

A Dream Goes On Forever: A Playlist for Senator Ted Kennedy

| Posted 08.26.2009 | Entertainment

Senator Ted Kennedy loved to sing. And so it seems only fitting to make a playlist in memory of this singular American icon who did so much for so long to help so many.

The Unforgettable Fire: A Playlist for Our Neighbors and Firefighters as They Confront the California Fires

| Posted 08.30.2009 | Entertainment

This playlist goes out to all of our neighbors who are being impacted by the raging California wildfires -- and to heroic firefighters everywhere.