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Entries by Dawn Teo from 04/2009

IBM Trifecta: Files For Offshoring Patent, Offshores Jobs, Applies for Stimulus Funds

| Posted 04.01.2009 | Business

IBM is currently seeking $30 billion in stimulus money to create 1 million jobs. CEO Sam Palmisano even met with Obama at the White House to discuss I...

New Economic Reports Suggest Middle Class May Have To Wait For Economic Recovery

| Posted 04.06.2009 | Business

A few good numbers in March -- gains in consumer spending, higher number of home sales, increases in factory orders -- seems to be all it takes for some Wall Street analysts (and real estate agents) to declare a bottom.

Al Sharpton and ACORN Call For Arizona Sheriff To Resign, Or Else

| Posted 04.08.2009 | Politics

rpaio seemed not to know Al Sharpton, saying, "What is his name? Sharpton? He wants me to resign? Have I got news for him. He can stick that in his pipe and smoke it."

ASU Stiffs Obama, Claims Too Inexperienced For Honorary Degree

| Posted 04.09.2009 | Politics

ASU says that honorary degrees are given "for an achievement of eminence" and that Obama was not considered for an honorary degree because his body of achievements, at this time, does not fit within that criteria.

ASU Faculty Receive Threats; Pres. Michael Crow Says ASU "Will Honor Obama"

| Posted 04.10.2009 | Politics

After a day of digging and talking to ASU staff and faculty, it seems this may have been more of a bureaucratic snafu than a political snub.

ASU Apologizes, Establishes "Barack Obama Scholars" Program

| Posted 04.11.2009 | Politics

ASU expects to enroll more than 1,000 Arizona students in the President Barack Obama Scholars program. The program will cover the full cost of tuition, fees, books, room, and board for students who come from families with the greatest financial need, typically those unable to attend a university.

ASU Honorary Degree Policy For Sitting Politicians Not Documented

| Posted 04.14.2009 | Politics

TEMPE, ARIZONA - Arizona State University became the unlikely focus of a political firestorm last week when news broke that ASU would not be conferrin...

ASU Says "We Blew It," Alumni Rescind Donations

| Posted 04.15.2009 | Politics

Although the ASU community is angry and embarrassed over the brouhaha, there is also a consensus that -- whether snub or snafu -- the incident will not affect Obama.

POLL: 79% Of ASU Faculty Say Obama Should Receive Honorary Degree

| Posted 04.17.2009 | Politics

TEMPE, ARIZONA - This week, two Arizona State University physics professors, Mike Thorpe and Jose Menendez, polled ASU faculty on whether President Ba...

McCain's Hometown Sheriff Ditches McCain For The Colbert Report

| Posted 04.19.2009 | Politics

Sheriff Joe, who is famous for his reality show, tent-based jails, and large contingent of immigration enforcement officers, says he never intended to appear before McCain and other senators at Monday's hearing.

Minutemen Founder Challenges McCain For Senate

| Posted 04.22.2009 | Politics

PHOENIX - At a news conference today, Chris Simcox, founder of the Minutemen, formally announced his intention to challenge John McCain for his Arizon...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: "I Am Not Cyber Stalking John McCain's Daughter"

| Posted 04.24.2009 | Politics

PHOENIX - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued an official statement late Friday afternoon denying allegations by Meghan McCain, daughter of form...