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Entries by Dean Baker from 09/2008

Wall Street's Infinite Sleaze: Goldman and AIG

| Posted 09.28.2008 | Business

If AIG had been allowed to go bankrupt, Goldman would be in line with all the other creditors, hoping for a few dimes back on each dollar of debt.

Why Bail? The Banks Have a Gun Pointed at Their Head and Are Threatening to Pull the Trigger

| Posted 09.29.2008 | Business
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If the bailout proves to be an obstacle to effective stimulus in future months and years, then it could lead to exactly the sort of prolonged economic downturn that its proponents claim it is intended to prevent.

The Bailout Round II: Adult Version?

| Posted 09.29.2008 | Business

The main cause of the economy's weakness is not insolvent banks and lack of credit -- it's the loss of $4-$5 trillion in housing equity as a result of the bubble's partial deflation.

How Do You Make a DC Intellectual Look Less Articulate Than Sarah Palin Being Interviewed by Katie Couric?

| Posted 09.30.2008 | Business

That's easy. You ask them how failure to pass the bailout will give us a Great Depression.