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Entries by Deane Waldman from 12/2008

Phrases to Resist (II)

| Posted 12.03.2008 | Healthy Living

Let's add another item to the list of phrases we all should resist. We have already discarded (I hope) It's (fill in a name)'s fault and Why the hell...

Curing Healthcare (Yes, You Can.)

| Posted 12.06.2008 | Healthy Living

Many people whom I respect and admire think that healthcare is so huge, beset with powerful special interests, and "broken" that it cannot be fixed, ...

"One For All"

| Posted 12.12.2008 | Healthy Living

Do you want to begin curing healthcare? Start by demanding a single standard -- "One for All" -- one set of rules for all people who determine our health care.

No Time Left...For You!

| Posted 12.16.2008 | Healthy Living

I saw five patients this morning. I checked 35 boxes on various pieces of paper; wrote some type of diagnosis or classification 25 times; and printed...

Feeding Our Feedback.

| Posted 12.19.2008 | Healthy Living

If you think for a moment about feedback, you will recognize how critical it is to improve anything, from your golf swing to the national economy. ...

If You Were CEO of Corporation USA

| Posted 12.28.2008 | Business

magine if you were the CEO of the corporation called USA (yes, the country). As a good manager, you would protect and optimize your assets.