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Entries by Deepak Chopra from 04/2010

A Little Boost for Immortality

| Posted 04.05.2010 | Healthy Living

Gradually science has had to confront the possibility of immortality -- not yet for the soul but for the basic fabric of the universe.

Is Consciousness Connected to the Fine Structure of the Universe?

| Posted 04.06.2010 | Healthy Living

On March 27th I interviewed Dr. Stuart Hameroff of the Center for Consciousness Studies of the University of Arizona. Here is an edited transcript of that interview.

System of Yoga

| Posted 04.09.2010 | Huffington Post ...

Clever Monkeys

| Posted 04.12.2010 | Healthy Living

It turns out that monkeys are far more than clever. They may be tapping into the basic fabric of the cosmos.

Love is a Window to Enlightenment

| Posted 04.15.2010 | Healthy Living ...

Crossing a Spiritual Divide

| Posted 04.19.2010 | Religion

I have never thought of saints as another species of human but rather as scouts into an unknown territory. The role of a scout is to show the way to others, not to ride back to camp and prevent anyone else to cross the frontier.

Chief Seattle's Response to US President

| Posted 04.20.2010 | Politics ...

Earth Day 2010 Message

| Posted 04.22.2010 | Green ...

Is It Time to Quit Believing?

| Posted 04.26.2010 | Healthy Living

No one ever claimed that God was tangible, like a rock or a tree. Gravity isn't tangible, either, but once the human mind decided to look for it, gravity became evident.

Sorry, your patent on yoga has run out

| Posted 04.26.2010 | Huffington Post

In his recent article for On Faith, Aseem Shukla laments the disconnect between yoga and its origins in Hinduism. He's certainly right that the pract...