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Entries by Dennis A. Henigan from 01/2011

Reading the Constitution: Originalism That Defies History

| Posted 01.05.2011 | Politics

Originalism has been manipulated by the right to mask its approach to determining the values enforced by the Constitution. The originalists of the right are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own text, and not to their own history.

Our Leaders Must Renounce the Ideology of Political Violence

| Posted 01.09.2011 | Politics
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Ideas have consequences. The idea that "the guys with the guns make the rules" has inevitable consequences that can no longer be tolerated.

On Guns: Tucson Shows Two Visions of America

| Posted 01.14.2011 | Politics

Those who own guns and those who do not, to a surprising degree, have the same vision for America. After Tucson, is it too much to ask for a modicum of courage from Congress, and the President, to make that vision a reality?

The State of the Union: A Chance to Make History on Guns

| Posted 01.24.2011 | Politics

Since the tragic shooting in Tucson, President Obama has been a force for healing, recovery and reconciliation. He has been a profile in understanding and empathy. He now needs to be a profile in courage.