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Entries by Diane Dimond from 06/2008

To Taser Or Not To Taser

| Posted 06.06.2008 | Huffington Post

The people we entrust to protect us say these weapons save lives. I say those who want them banned are leaving a threatened officer no choice but to react with deadly force. And that would be a shame.

Perks Of Prison

| Posted 06.07.2008 | Politics

Overall, prisons are pretty darned efficient in keeping the convicted IN. Where they loose the battle is over keeping OUT what doesn't belong.

Crime and the Candidates

| Posted 06.12.2008 | Politics

The possibility of a multitude of different crimes is something many of us think about on a regular basis, so why don't we about it more often from the leaders who want our votes?

I Confess

| Posted 06.16.2008 | Healthy Living

We drove northward toward Navajo Lake with Dad in his biodegradable resting place in the back seat. We were bound and determined to make it a celebration, but at times tears flowed.

How To Make 8K A Day

| Posted 06.21.2008 | Politics

I know a man connected to the justice system who makes eight thousand dollars a day. You read that right. When he shows up in a courtroom for a client his very presence and whispered advice to the lead attorney is worth 8 thousand dollars per day.

Where Have All The Lost Guns Gone?

| Posted 06.28.2008 | Huffington Post

Earlier this month the ATF quietly revealed that the owners admitted a substantial part of their inventory was either "missing, lost or stolen." After adding it all up the ATF concluded that, collectively, those registered gun dealers "lost" 82 firearms every single day!