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Entries by Diane Francis from 05/2008

Obama Will Crush McCain

| Posted 05.16.2008 | Politics

Hillary's supporters will vote for Barack Obama and his running mate. Disaffected Republicans will join the vote for change.

Hillary's Hidden Agenda

| Posted 05.21.2008 | Politics

Obama did not even place his name on the ballot in Michigan and neither candidate campaigned in Florida, so recognizing the results would represent the opposite of democracy.

Oil Shock: Mexico and China Not Exxon Stupid

| Posted 05.26.2008 | Business

The biggest reason prices have been soaring is that astute investors are now understanding the future supply and demand reality.

McCain's a Medical Mess

| Posted 05.29.2008 | Politics

Voters, and one in five Republicans, are concerned about McCain's age. I'm not but I'm concerned about his health. I think Americans deserve a second opinion.

U.S. Economy Huge Winner in Future

| Posted 05.30.2008 | Business

As financials struggle, the Fed's interest rate cuts have weakened the dollar even more, which greatly benefits exporters and multinationals. For most, the credit meltdown is only starting.