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Entries by Diane Francis from 03/2009

Buy Canadian oil sands production or China will

| Posted 03.02.2009 | World

Do Americans want "clean" oil from dirty regimes, such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, or do they want "dirty" oil from a clean regime such as Canada? ...

The World's Smartest Money Man on the Crisis

| Posted 03.02.2009 | Business

The year 2008 will go down as one of history's worst, but it was the best year in the history of Canada's Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited.

American green hypocrisy

| Posted 03.10.2009 | Green

View image This cartoon reveals the double standard applied by the U.S. greenies, many of whom are I suspect are supported financially -- knowingly o...

Warren Buffett wrong again

| Posted 03.10.2009 | Business

The United States has Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha, and Canada, Prem Watsa the Sage of Toronto. On Sunday, Buffett gave a very scary inte...

Madoff is boring

| Posted 03.11.2009 | Business

Bernard Madoff is expected shortly to plead guilty to 11 felonies and land 150 years in jail. Why wouldn't the 70-year-old buy a few years fighting th...

The market bottom? no way Ben

| Posted 03.17.2009 | Business

Bank stocks had their best week on record last week and early this week as investors bet the bottom had been reached. I don't think so and hope I'm wr...

AIG Plutocrats Pilfer the Public

| Posted 03.19.2009 | Business

What is scandalous is not only the US$165 million in AIG bonuses. It's the US$180 billion which has been shoveled into AIG by taxpayers to date, funds...

US Dollar Devaluation as Predicted

| Posted 03.19.2009 | Business

The Chinese are starting to switch from investing in U.S. T-bills to buying hard assets for stockpiling or acquiring corporations at bargain-basement ...

Geithner doesn't get it again

| Posted 03.23.2009 | Business

The Federal Reserve's Tim Geithner has released his latest proposal but it's a Republican replay. Why didn't he have a chat with the handful of Jeremi...

HuffPost Finally Liberates Journalism with Investigative Fund

| Posted 03.30.2009 | Media

The notion of independent financing of truly investigative journalistic projects is a grand idea. It means that strings are not attached and that efforts are judged by results on a case by case basis.

Obama disappoints

| Posted 03.30.2009 | Business

The mood is turning decidedly ugly in the United States as the public becomes more and more horrified at bailout efforts by President Barack Obama and...

Gold Not Money: Bling's the Thing

| Posted 03.31.2009 | Business

The future is always a matter of opinion, as is political competency, which is why it's a good idea to own a little gold.