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Entries by Diane Francis from 07/2009

Goldman Sacks and Plunders

| Posted 07.17.2009 | Business

Goldman Sachs cannot argue that the proceeds it received from the AIG rescue did not constitute an indirect bailout any more than can auto parts makers who are saved by Detroit's bailout.

Sarah Palin Ad Nauseum

| Posted 07.20.2009 | Media

By landing a media gig in New York or LA, Palin would have a chance to catapult her brand beyond all other potential candidates.

The "Party of Business" Gets the Business of Health Care Wrong

| Posted 07.21.2009 | Business

The wisdom of universal health care is proven and accepted all over the world except in the minds of partisan ignoramuses defending the indefensible.

Madoff and Money Laundering

| Posted 07.23.2009 | Business

Perhaps some of Madoff's "victims" are nothing more than serial launderers who leap from one money laundering scheme to another?

Auto Giants Reposition Globally

| Posted 07.24.2009 | Business

Cars are not longer just big business; companies have to build vehicles, but also be able to create multilateral partnerships which include workers, politicians, civil servants and investors.

Economic Fix Is In, Political One Eludes

| Posted 07.27.2009 | Politics

The world's politicians remain a pretty mediocre bunch, with few exceptions, which means that the next global crisis cannot be averted without addressing the world's leadership deficit.

China's Dollar Scam Must End

| Posted 07.29.2009 | World

The bilateral talks, or G-2, between the U.S. and China have resulted in little substantive progress. This is because there is a continuing, inexplicable failure on the part of the U.S. with other countries to pressure China to curb its currency manipulation.

Canada's Disgusting Seal Hunt Should Be Outlawed

| Posted 07.31.2009 | Business

Canadian politicians have been in capable of ending this primitive practice - the largest killing of marine mammals in the world - even as damage to the country's reputation grows.