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Entries by Diane Francis from 09/2009

Japan Breaks Out of U.S. Orbit

| Posted 09.03.2009 | World

The transfer of power in Japan marks a desire on the part of many Japanese voters to move toward Asia and out from under the West's sphere of influence.

China Jitters

| Posted 09.07.2009 | Business

The Middle Kingdom has taken its place among the world's most important economies, and China is jittery.

New York's Digitized Dems Can Take Over City Council Sept. 15

| Posted 09.08.2009 | New York

Obama supporters -- about one million registered Democrats -- can vote in next Tuesday's local primary election, and only a tiny fraction of this number could swing the results.

America's Irrational Health Care Status Quo

| Posted 09.10.2009 | Politics

As an American living in Canada, it's really embarrassing that a country as smart and rich as the United States cannot get out from under the world's worst medical system.

Losing the News: A Great Book

| Posted 09.11.2009 | Business

Alex Jones writes that the implosion of the business model for traditional media is creating a vacuum in the type of news gathering, analysis or revelatory investigation which is in the public interest.

Reports of Another Stock Market Fall this Fall Exaggerated

| Posted 09.14.2009 | Business

A quick survey of market catastrophes reveals that autumn is not only when the traditional harvest comes in, but also when we reap what we have sown -- whether it's corn or bad economic policy.

Top Canadian Banker Explains Green Strategy

| Posted 09.15.2009 | Green

Canada's banking system is one of the best regulated, and modulated, in the world, which is why no Canadian financial institution went bust during the 1930s Depression.

Oil and a Never-Ending Recession

| Posted 09.16.2009 | Business

Higher oil prices mean recessions, recessions mean less consumption, then lower oil prices, which leads to less exploration and supply, which leads to higher oil prices and recession again.

Environmental Warfare in 10 years

| Posted 09.22.2009 | Green

Oil company CEOs and Canadian, U.S. and British government officials attending the Global Business Forum in Banff last week heard a chilling forecast of military clashes if there is an environmental meltdown due to climate change.

Dollar, Inflation, Recession Optimism

| Posted 09.24.2009 | Business

A world expert on economics delivered a cogent and optimistic analysis of the meltdown, its causes, its cure and its effect on the future at the recent Global Business Forum in Banff, Alberta.

Iran and Afghanistan: The World's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

| Posted 09.28.2009 | World

No matter what edicts are imposed by this united front -- to curb salaries, fraud or jurisdictional divisions -- there can be no long-term economic stability without world peace.

Peter Kraus Scores High on Obama Team

| Posted 09.30.2009 | Business

I sat down recently with Peter Kraus. In December, at the height of the market turmoil, he became Chair and CEO of Alliance/Bernstein of New York, one of the world's largest asset management firms.