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Entries by Diane Francis from 07/2010

Market Monkeys Guarding Bananas Again

| Posted 07.12.2010 | Business

The probe into the "flash crash" has yet to report the cause, but whatever it is will provide another example that the system is dangerously unpoliced and that manipulative behavior is unchecked.

BP Bull

| Posted 07.15.2010 | Green

The BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico is one of those unspeakably humongous events that defies explanation or immediate relief.

Greening of Hypocrisy

| Posted 07.19.2010 | Business

The campaign against Alberta's oil sands escalated last week by a group calling itself Corporate Ethics International which is neither international nor ethical.

America's Media Mayhem

| Posted 07.21.2010 | Media

The roiling blogosphere, blowhards on Fox and news that stalks everyone anywhere, now appears to be driving politics and enhancing corporate risk.

Blunder Bosses at BP

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Media

The departure of BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, is hardly surprising and long overdue. Its new Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, is likely headed for a pink slip. But their blunders were not just about the catastrophe in the Gulf.

Chicago Justice and Lord Black

| Posted 07.27.2010 | Chicago

I have thought about Conrad Black often since we had dinner in a posh Palm Beach club one night in February 2008, just weeks before he went to jail.

Obama, Grumpy Old Men and Detroit

| Posted 07.30.2010 | Business

Gallup's running poll breaks down support demographically, and Obama's highest percentages remain female and under 30 then drop with age. Old guys like him least. This is America's Grumpy Old Man cohort.