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Entries by Diane Francis from 07/2012

Why Obamacare Is a Win

| Posted 07.03.2012 | Canada Politics

The good news is that, win or lose, President Obama has succeeded after decades of attempts in providing the type of healthcare the rest of the developed world provides. America's private-sector health experiment has failed abysmally and is on its way out. Governments outside the U.S. deliver medical care better and cheaper. The proof exists all over the world, except in the minds of partisans who would defend the indefensible.

Why We're Losing Our Faith in Capitalism

| Posted 07.13.2012 | Canada Business

Another sordid example of banksterism -- money laundering -- surfaced this week accompanied, not surprisingly, by a blistering global poll that shows faith in capitalism is shrinking. The HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation), the largest financial institution in Europe, revealed "major internal-control problems" and plans to apologize for its lapses next week to members of a U.S. Senate subcommittee into terrorist and trafficking money laundering.

What Yahoo's New CEO Can Learn From Tina Fey

| Posted 07.24.2012 | Canada Business

The flap over Yahoo's appointment of a pregnant 37-year-old executive as its CEO is a surprising, and disappointing, re-run of Father Knows Best and Gloria Steinem footage from the 1960s. Ladies (and gentlemen), the war has been won and the war was about giving women choices. The best advice, quoted by Bloomberg this week, comes from comedian Tina Fey in her book Bossypants.

How We're Letting Other Countries Take Control of Ours

| Posted 07.31.2012 | Canada Politics

When we talk about foreign ownership of Canadian resources, it's nothing to do with economics or ideology. This is about street smarts. The foreign buyout of resource, infrastructure and agricultural corporations simply has to stop. Canada must state clearly that all of its resource-related and infrastructure assets and corporations must be Canadian-owned and controlled and that no single foreign entity can own more than 10 per cent, or we'll all regret it.