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Entries by Donald Kaul from 02/2011

Roadmap to Disaster

| Posted 02.01.2011 | Politics

The Republicans told us what they wanted to do in their "Pledge to America" last year: it involves ripping the heart out of the future and burying it at the intersection of crumbling highways and a falling-down bridge to nowhere.

American History Requires Study, Not Plastic Surgery

| Posted 02.09.2011 | Politics

Despite its role as a living document, the Constitution -- like Huckleberry Finn -- is in many ways a reflection of its time.

My Favorite Republican

| Posted 02.16.2011 | Politics

Dwight Eisenhower was the last American president able to look the military-industrial complex in the eye and make it blink. For that, if for nothing else, we should honor him and remember his words.

Climate Science Can Weather a Winter Storm

| Posted 02.23.2011 | Chicago

For a full 24 hours Chicagoans had been bombarded by warnings of the approaching Apocalypse. So what did they do? They jumped into their cars and headed for Lake Shore Drive.

What's at Stake in Wisconsin

| Posted 02.28.2011 | Politics

Make no mistake about it: the attack on the public service unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana is the first volley in an all-out war by conservatives on all unions.