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Entries by Doug Bandow from 09/2009

Dealing with the New Japan: Washington Won't Take "No" for an Answer

| Posted 09.02.2009 | World

Only slightly less unhappy than the LDP dinosaurs who misruled Japan for so long are U.S. policymakers, who have grown used to Tokyo playing the role of pliant ally, backing American priorities and hosting its bases.

The Scandal of International Religious Persecution

| Posted 09.06.2009 | World

There is a good argument for treating religious liberty as the first freedom. If a government is unwilling to protect basic freedom when it comes to religious faith, then it is unlikely to tolerate political free-thinking either.

Pres. Obama: Time for Washington to Do Less Abroad

| Posted 09.08.2009 | World

The world has turned out to be a lot less malleable and willing to adjust to American preferences than the president may have thought before taking office.