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Entries by Dr. Boyce Watkins from 04/2011

Malcolm X Book Rattles His Daughters: The Truth Sometimes Hurts

| Posted 04.08.2011 | Politics

Malcolm X remains my greatest hero, no matter what historians have to say. But by believing that our heroes are perfect, we only end up disappointing ourselves later on down the road.

Al Sharpton, Cornel West Battle on MSNBC Is a Good Thing for Obama

| Posted 04.11.2011 | Media

Cornel West's public battle with Al Sharpton is nothing more than a continuation of a relatively healthy tradition, but we must be sure to take the energy from this debate and translate it into productive activity.

Harvard Admits Record Number of Black Students: But What About the Faculty?

| Posted 04.13.2011 | College

Admitting students of color neither requires significant courage nor shows any real sign of meaningful progress when it comes to truly shaping the direction of a university.

Will Soledad O'Brien or Roland Martin Ever Get a Shot With CNN?

| Posted 04.19.2011 | Media

The New York Post has revealed that CNN is once again considering adding a person of color to one of their nighttime anchor spots, a move that is long overdue.

Fighting the Arrest of Tanya McDowell: Educating Your Child Should Not Be a Crime

| Posted 04.24.2011 | Education

If taking a seat in a public school is worth incarceration and living life as a convicted felon, then stealing a child's mother and his future should certainly call for an even harsher penalty.

Rocky Clark Is Dying From a Lack of Health Insurance

| Posted 04.26.2011 | Politics

Being a fighter and an optimist, Rocky lived longer than the doctors expected. He also outlived the cap on his insurance policy.