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Entries by Dr. Boyce Watkins from 05/2011

Why This Black Scholar Feels Sorry for Donald Trump

| Posted 05.01.2011 | Politics

Whatever the reason for Donald Trump's most recent behavior, the price is going to be steep. His status as a cultural icon, political leader and corporate captain are all in jeopardy and probably won't ever recover again.

Black Unemployment and the Great Black Disconnect From Obama

| Posted 05.08.2011 | Politics

When black Obama supporters ask suffering African American families to remain silent, they are asking them to accept the fact that Obama is too busy with more important issues to address racial inequality.

Why Hip-Hop and the Obama Administration May Not Always Mix

| Posted 05.12.2011 | Politics

I am not terribly impressed with the administration's decision to invite Common to perform. I'd rather see President Obama speak up on the issues that Common raps about in his songs.

Racial Injustice Causes Real Pain in the Lives of Black Americans

| Posted 05.16.2011 | Politics

When it comes to black life in America, neglecting our impetus for policy reform has a real consequence on the lives of real people. We focus on silly issues like birth certificates while children die in the streets and the genocide on the futures of young black children continues.

Attacking Cornel West Won't Make for a Better President

| Posted 05.19.2011 | Politics

When someone tries to demonize those who use free speech to critique the Obama administration, we should simply confront them with the issues and ask for evidence of positive and meaningful progress.