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Entries by Dr. Cara Barker from 12/2010

Holiday Grieving: How to Best Support the Mourning This Time of Year

| Posted 12.01.2010 | Healthy Living

What do you do when someone you love is grieving, especially this time of year? Do you really know how to best support those who mourn during the holidays?

How to Mend Bridges with Estranged Family Members During the Holidays

| Posted 12.08.2010 | Healthy Living

What do you do when the person whose loss you grieve this year is amongst the living?

Learning to Love From Afar

| Posted 12.15.2010 | Healthy Living

The question that arises is, when is it time to let love go, and love "long distance?" Many suffer love's disappointments privately, profoundly.

The Best-Kept Secret Behind Gifts of Love

| Posted 12.22.2010 | Healthy Living

Think back on the greatest gift you've ever received. What was it? Now, give the gift exchange a 180 degree turn, and remember the favorite gift you've ever given?

Resolving What Really Matters: 7 Practices for a Fresh New Year

| Posted 12.29.2010 | Healthy Living

If you were to write a truly fresh life chapter that would rejuice you this upcoming year, what ground must you prepare today? Here are the guidelines with illustrations.