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Entries by Dr. Harold Koplewicz from 01/2011

Salvia: Good For Research, Bad For Recreation

| Posted 01.05.2011 | Huffington Post

Salvia is a powerful hallucinogen -- it must be regulated. But we don't know enough about it to say how it should be regulated.

Arizona Shooting: Treating Mental Illness Before it Kills

| Posted 01.11.2011 | Huffington Post

People have little understanding and a lot of fear when it comes to psychiatric disorders. How many times does this have to happen?

'Hunger Games': Why Kids Love Disaster, Distress and Dystopia

| Posted 01.25.2011 | Healthy Living

These books that deal with anorexia, cyber-bullying, self-mutilation, alcoholic parents, and vampiric sex strike a nerve with teenagers because of the intense developmental and social changes they're experiencing.