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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 10/2007

Can Smoking During Breastfeeding Affect an Infant's Sleep Patterns?

| Posted 10.01.2007 | Healthy Living

When I read that babies whose mothers smoked in the study had a reduction in sleep time of about 37 percent, I wasn't shocked out of my seat. Not in the least.

Pop Quiz: Who Sleeps Better, the Man or the Woman in a Couple?

| Posted 10.11.2007 | Healthy Living

Men are indeed more likely to sleep better than women in the same bed. And here's the kicker: they also are more likely to be snoozing soundly because of your nearby warmth.

Sleep Less, Die Sooner!

| Posted 10.14.2007 | Healthy Living

If you can squeak by on six or seven, but know you need more, that's when you should feel guilty. Don't worry about what other people will think.

NyQuil and Nighty-Night Don't Mix for Kids

| Posted 10.21.2007 | Healthy Living

For the vast majority of parents who are over-worked and over-stressed, I'd venture a lot could be achieved if you just help them develop good sleep practices and maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

What Do Sleep and Baseball Have in Common this Week?

| Posted 10.25.2007 | Healthy Living

Here's a friendly reminder: human growth hormone -- a key ingredient we all need -- gets released naturally by the body during sleep.

Women's Wake Up Call: Little Sleep, Bigger Blood Pressure

| Posted 10.29.2007 | Healthy Living

You can't call yourself a health nut if you skimp on sleep. Evicting precious sleepy time just might come back to bite you in your blood.