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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 11/2007

The Dangers of Sleeping Naked

| Posted 11.04.2007 | Healthy Living

The incidence of naked sleepwalking, which occurs almost exclusively among its male guests, has increased sevenfold in the past year.

What If Your Kid's First Bell Rang Close to Lunchtime?

| Posted 11.06.2007 | Healthy Living

School times are set largely for the convenience of parents and teachers -- not students. Will mom and dad now have to worry about how to shuffle their kids to and from school at odd times?

You've Gained an Hour Since Last Week: How Are You Feeling?

| Posted 11.09.2007 | Healthy Living

Daylight savings time essentially disrupts our body's natural tracking of dawn, throwing us out of synch with the environment. This could have long-term ill effects on health.

Moody Blues Have Meaning

| Posted 11.14.2007 | Healthy Living

It doesn't take a genius to know that being tired makes us cranky, grumpy, and emotional. Blame your foul mood on a lack of sleep first, and the brain second.

Statins Linked to Nightmares and Insomnia

| Posted 11.19.2007 | Healthy Living

Can statins trigger poor sleep, which then sets the stage for gaining weight, becoming obese, perhaps dealing with sleep apnea on top of all that weight, and a higher risk for heart troubles?

Got a Gamer in Your House?

| Posted 11.20.2007 | Healthy Living

We may choose to stay up late and cut back on sleep, but that doesn't mean our bodies won't suffer. I think we'll see more sleep-deprived people as we continue to test our physical limits.

Body After Baby: Get Your Zs!

| Posted 11.25.2007 | Healthy Living

Women who sleep five hours or less a day when their babies are six months old are three times more likely than more rested mothers to have kept the extra weight on at the one-year mark.