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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 08/2008

Statins for Kids?

| Posted 08.05.2008 | Healthy Living

The American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines this week, recommending some children as young as 8 take cholesterol-fighting drugs to ward off future heart problems.

Do You Ever See Darkness Anymore?

| Posted 08.08.2008 | Healthy Living

Many gadgets blink, flicker, and shine to the point they can light up a room at night. You could find yourself applying black tape to those tiny diode lights just to get a good night's sleep!

Sleep Too Much?

| Posted 08.18.2008 | Healthy Living

The interesting part about the recent study, which focused on more than 93,000 post-menopausal women over a seven-year period, found too much sleep may be harder on our hearts.

The Heat Factor: Warm Skin, Cozier Sleep

| Posted 08.18.2008 | Healthy Living

We've learned a great deal about how skin is like the brain's twin. It can create messages for the brain to respond to without needing it to act first.

Sleep Got Your Tongue?

| Posted 08.20.2008 | Healthy Living

Discovery News is reporting a new study that indicates a lack of sleep changes the brain to such a degree that without enough, you might sound drunk.

Olympics Got Your Sleep?

| Posted 08.21.2008 | Healthy Living

The Olympic coverage isn't helping millions of Americans get to bed on time. No wonder a few of us are lagging in the morning this week.

How Sleep Smart Are You?

| Posted 08.25.2008 | Healthy Living

Insomnia does not have to be a fact of life, even if it's more common today than ever before due to our chosen lifestyles. There are plenty of combination strategies for better sleep.

Do Your Kids Have High Blood Pressure? Check Their Sleep

| Posted 08.27.2008 | Healthy Living

Bottom line: if your healthy kid is getting poor sleep, he or she is at risk for elevated blood pressure.