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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 11/2008

Don't Take the Election TOO Seriously

| Posted 11.04.2008 | Healthy Living

Vote early. And get to bed early!

Cutting Risk of SIDS Could Be as Easy as Using a Fan

| Posted 11.07.2008 | Healthy Living

SIDS may never have a "cure," but we can learn how to reduce its risk and take those precautions every single day. Adding a fan to your baby's room is an inexpensive and easy thing to do.

Sleepless Kids Become Fat Adults

| Posted 11.12.2008 | Healthy Living

A new study shows that sleep makes for a proper balance of hormones related to appetite, hunger, metabolism, and even fat retention.

Good News for People with Insomnia

| Posted 11.18.2008 | Healthy Living

A new study in the journal Sleep reports that some people have abnormal brain activities that keep them hyperalert.

Get Moving, Get Sleeping

| Posted 11.24.2008 | Healthy Living

I love hearing news that confirms lessons I've already given in my presentations, conversations with patients, and published works. Just this past wee...