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Entries by Dr. Michael J. Breus from 10/2009

Buying A Mattress - And The Survey Says:

| Posted 10.06.2009 | Healthy Living

October's Consumer Reports features a review on something most people find frustrating, and almost everyone asks me about: buying a mattress.I've writ...

Big Decisions Decided After All-Nighters?

| Posted 10.12.2009 | Healthy Living

Imagine having to make a huge decision that may affect the lives of millions.  Your constituents have voted with confidence in your ability repre...

Tic-Toc: News about Your Clock

| Posted 10.19.2009 | Healthy Living

I love a study that debunks an old theory long believed true. Last week scientists at the University of Michigan came out with a bold statement: every...

Pilot Fatigue to Blame?

| Posted 10.26.2009 | Healthy Living

If you learned upon landing that your plane's pilots had overshot the airport by 150 miles because they fell asleep at the controls, what would you feel?

Andy Rooney On Sleep

| Posted 10.30.2009 | Healthy Living

It would be nice to have a gauge on us to let us know when we need to get some shut eye or when we've had enough, much like a battery light that comes on to tell us it's time to charge a certain device for optimal use.